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  • RealityCheck (1180 posts)
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    1. please do this if you can

    when attending this and any other ‘our revolution’ events, please ask them POINT BLANK if they are still trying to save the Dem Party? Then ask what about spending quality time creating a TRUE PROGRESSIVE PARTY!

    • Two way street (3156 posts)
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      2. That question can be directed to the named electronic address on the notice.

      Please feel free to spend time  creating on any party that you choose to be an important step in We the People taking back our country.  Perhaps one might spend quality time in an existing powerful party while creating a more progressive one.  I think that is what Bernie Sanders has a an ultimate goal; a True Progressive Party.  The name of the Party is secondary.

      Best wishes to us all, my friend.  There is lots of work to be done over the coming days and years.

      Draft Bernie for a People's Movement against Fascism.