‘Our Seniors Deserve Better’: Jayapal Demands End of All Medicare Privatization Schemes

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      “Medicare Advantage plans regularly deny needed care to seniors and frequently create fake illnesses to defraud the government,” Jayapal (D-Wash.), the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, wrote in a social media post.

      “This is a clear-cut example of why we must end Medicare privatization programs,” added Jayapal, the lead sponsor of the Medicare for All Act in the House. “Our seniors deserve better.”

      Privately run Medicare Advantage (MA) plans have long been notorious for the practice of upcoding, whereby large insurers and other MA firms make enrollees appear sicker than they actually are in order to reap larger payments from the federal government—even as they refuse to provide necessary care for tens of thousands of patients each year.

      The Post on Sunday detailed the case of Kathy Ormsby, a former employee of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation who blew the whistle on the firm’s efforts—alongside its parent affiliate Sutter Health—to pressure doctors into adding false diagnoses to patients’ medical histories.

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      Participating insurance companies are give a lump sum for each patient – and they get to keep what they do not spend on the patient.  Some companies are already keeping 40% of the amount.  That’s our government – it seems changes only make things worse for the people – but more profitable for corporations.

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      ….with one simple act. All he would have had to do with to expand Medicare to include EVERYONE the moment he took office, and he could have easily justified it, as a response to the already declared National Emergency of the COVID epidemic.

      Hell, for that matter Trump could have done so when the pandemic first hit…. though that would have been about as likely as a blizzard in Hell in mid July. Had he done so…. he also could have been re-elected. Not to say that would have been a good thing necessarily, but at this point, anybody who actually DELIVERS something that helps the average mortal would probably win in a landslide.

      There’s a reason FDR got elected 4 times, and during his term, the Democrats gained a majority in Congress that they kept for 40 years (with a couple short exceptions that corrected themselves in the next election). They had results.  So… enough with the rhetoric, Pramila… just do it.

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