Our tax dollars paid for this shit.

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      Here we have a “massive election fraud” report issued by the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. The WHAT? Maybe they can also issue a report assuring us Cocid-19 is a hoax. How about a report analyzing tulips vs. daffodils? Should I paint my house green? Inquiring minds want to know, and only the Office of Turds Manufacturing Propaganda can tell us. Seriously, people need to go to jail for stunts like this. Presumably, this federal agency has a job to do, a job not getting done while they’re busy churning out propaganda.

      Peter Navarro releases 36-page report alleging election fraud ‘more than sufficient’ to swing victory to Trump (msn.com)

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      Yet Biden will probably embrace his anti China agenda.   I read an article recently about Australian complaints of Chinese trade measures retaliating against their defense and security measures taken against China.   Australia was dumb enough to follow the US lead in the anti-China agenda, when their economy depends on the China market.   So now the argument is being made that the US needs to use it’s economic power to somehow bail out Australia’s economy.   A similar opinion I read pointed out that when S.Korea allowed a US THAAD installation in their country in 2017, the Chinese economic retaliation resulted in more than 20 billion dollars in S.Korean trade and business losses.   The US did nothing to alleviate that economic damage, in fact, it demanded more financial contributions from Seoul in economic and military negotiations.

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      Hi hc,

      In 2004 I was a poll worker in Dallas County Texas. 2004 was the first year Texas used electronic voting machines. The state purchased ES&S touch screen machines for the election.

      My main job on election day was instructing senior citizens how to use the new fangled computer voting machines. As one might imagine the elder population was a little intimidated.

      In that role, I watched “Hundreds” of straight party democratic votes switched to straight party republican votes. These were only caught when observant voters noticed the switcheroo on the review page before a final ballot was cast. These machines had no paper trail; it was all electronic.

      When this occurred, the voters that caught the error would call me over for assistance. We could usually fix the problem because the machines were apparently programmed to do the switcheroo only once per voter. There was one machine that always failed to reset and we succeeded having it removed from service at about 2:00 PM in the afternoon. I still wonder how many switched votes went unnoticed by voters in a hurry.

      All of this is to say, I have no problem accepting the possibility that the Dominion voting machines may have been programmed much like the ES&S voting machines were in 2004 as I and other poll workers observed with our own eyes.

      This was also the election over which I left the democratic party for good. The state party was unwilling to file a claim of vote tampering despite mountains of evidence that the voting machines were rigged. By contrast, the republicans are not as timid and I applaud their efforts to get to the bottom of whatever malfeasance or malfunctions occurred this last November 2020.


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        I was a county election official at that time. We were lucky. We bought their paper ballot counter, but no touch screens. There was a lot of funny business before election officials got wise to the fact they were left with no way to verify whether or not the  process had been skewed. It was widely believed that ES&S shifted votes to Republicans. There were a couple places where ES&S machines recorded huge “clumps” of 100 percent Republican votes, suggesting the machines were programmed to vote Republican from 2:00 to 2:30 PM, or example, then revert to normal programming and erase the evidence. Of course, no paper trail existed, so there was no proof.  @thouartthat

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        Not only because of the inability to audit them, but because any election software by definition is always in beta test mode.  We use ATMs billions of times a year, which means that all relevant programming bugs have been dealt with long since.  Even without actual fraud, you get errors like watching a tally go up to 30,000 votes and then the totals start decreasing.  not fraud–just a simple buffer overflow error that was not caught because it isn’t really possible to test the software in re4al time.

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      More credible than the millions of dollars spend on the Russia gate hoax, and I did not see many people on msn (otherwise known as the democratic propaganda channel) complaining about it.

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