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    the front yard is tannish brown grass. My Japanese maple is still pretty skeletal, as is my Gingko tree.

    BUT the daffodil greenery is 6 or 7 inches tall, The tulips I’ve planted over the years are beginning to pop up from the cold ground. My lilacs are beginning to form tight buds. I’m starting to be a little impatient with my asparagus.though.. “Where Are you?”

    I have a clump about 8″ around of bright green Chives! What the? I found it by raking away some of the fallen leaves from last fall. Birds everywhere! The usual over-winterers like chickadees and titmice. But now I’m seeing robins, and a slew of goldfinches.

    It’s so much like every other early spring here in west-central NH along the shores of the mighty CT River.

    Then I take my 2 dogs for a walk on Main St in this small village and – people are wearing fucking masks! Simple cowboy handkerchiefs, painters masks, scarfs. medical-type masks. In the local grocery store – there are 3 checkout stations – 2 are operating. First counter has a woman of maybe 30s wearing rubber gloves and a mask. At the 2nd register – where I go – are 2 young girls – high school – and one is coaching a new cashier. I hear them talking about ‘gloves’ – ‘they’re here under the counter’ – and the new recruit says ‘oh that’s ok I’m not worried about it.” Neither is masked.

    Outside the store I see a friend across the road…he yells to me “Hey we don’t have to be 60’ apart. Just 6!”

    We share a laugh. He walks on. I walk to my truck, drive home, wash my hands and go out to check on my Mountain laurel out back. Ah Looks very nice this spring. Full. I get right up close.

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    In my book, scarves and face covers are for hay fever; in keeping the droplets within the 6 foot radius.

    2020 Campaign Season: We the People are in the fight for our lives and livelihoods.

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