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      Looks like the Dark Web organized agitators to head to Minneapolis-St. Paul. In St. Paul, mayor reports all arrests were from out-of-state.

      A similar story here.

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      What I’m hearing is hard to believe–but it is coming straight from the leaders of Minneapolis St. Paul and the governor.




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      But if a mayor says in a public press conference that 100% of arrests were from outside the state, I’m going to believe him. Those figures can be investigated in a heartbeat.

      Maybe you don’t think this is serious, but it is. It’s deadly serious.

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      Outside agitators? Like maybe, black people from other areas of this country?  Maybe like black people that have  had a boot on their collective necks for over 500 years in this country? Maybe black people are fucking sick of their mostly men being killed by our finest in blue? Maybe black people are fucking pissed that the latest murder only begets 3rd degree murder?

      I can see clearly why they are so fucking angry, but not the lily white police chief or mayor. Those two and too many others are acting as overseers perfectly.

      I am so ashamed of my race. (I am white)

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        Cold Mountain Trail
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        You may be leaping to conclusions @pastische.

        I thought about ‘outside agitators’ in the old 60s connotations too, when I first started hearing this reportage.

        But it seems to me that this is something different — because these are different times and different historical forces in play.


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      It is white Trump goons coming to disrupt and loot. Take a look at this https://www.instagram.com/p/CA0oYf1nKqL/?igshid=bv75buymjhfi

      Those are white people breaking windows and damaging property. It is a black woman trying to stop them. It is brownshirts from little foreign Trump Nazi groups trying to disrupt and start violence.

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        Was breaking store windows to incite looting and violence while a person of color tried to stop him.

        Isolated incidents?  I doubt it highly.

        You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here.

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        It’s white, Trump supporting RUSSIAN agent provocateurs you mean. Comon, if the real culprit was not the PUTINIST white-supremacist-antifa, world would stop fast to make any sense.


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      This is not a surprise for anyone, who marched against the

      Vietnam war or participated in the OWS movement. Agents

      provocateurs have been used each time to discredit the

      protesters. And it is hard to know who is behind these

      people, but it is enough to get the authorities behind

      the police, National guards.

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        them as well.

        “A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by a majority.” ~ Booker T. Washington

        The truth is, there’s no such thing as being “anti-Fascist.” Either you are a decent human being with a conscience, or you are a fascist.
        ~ Unknown

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      I am from MN and I want my Governor to name names and investigate why they were there. The actions of leaders can and are on the very edge right now. tRump and is ilk have been pushing the anger of the people since the day he got in and one wrong move could easily set this country on fire. This is what I want Walz to do:

      1. Carefully control the actions of the National Guard as they have had military training and all too often use it on our own people (Kent State). So it is his duty to  make sure that they understand their mission is not to stop a protest but to peacefully protect the neighborhood. NO US Military troops at all as they are not trained to deal with this type of action at all. Nor does tRump want them to keep the peace.
      2. Name the names of outside instigators and investigate who sent them.
      3. Reform our MN police forces. End this kind of choke hold completely.
      4. Make sure no one else dies. This will only get hotter.
      5. Encourage non-violent protests as Dr. MLK did. This is the only way to get something done.


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        Cold Mountain Trail
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        “Encourage non-violent protests as Dr. MLK did. This is the only way to get something done”

        I’d add to that where appropriate: serious, heavy training in/practice with non-violent protest and tactics, until it becomes reflexive.

        One of the reasons the civil rights movement was as successful as it was.  They did some heavy duty training in how to keep things cool and what to do if things got hot.  They also were pretty tight-knit so maybe it was easier to spot provocateur types in some cases.

        I saw on tv a young women described as an ‘organizer’ who was asked by a mod why things were getting so out of control, hadn’t they better change a few things (crowd size, timing, back up plans and such) and the young ‘organizer’ seemed to pooh-pooh it all in favor of spontaneaity and personal expression of righteous anger.  IOW, she turned a mass event into separate little demos, expressions of individual ‘feeling’.

        I had a pretty negative reaction.  That ain’t organizing, it’s an encounter group.  Maybe I misunderstood her, but I like the old models better.  Occupy-style anarchism worked for a while, in good conditions.  Once the pressure came on it kind of fell apart (though individual cells continued on other projects).

        These are not good conditions, and are actually in some ways more akin to those that prevailed in the white-dominated south in the 60s.   Maybe a different organizing model would work better than organizing protest via spying social media in an every man for himself context where you don’t know if the person next to you is a spy, a cop, a fascist or legit, or what you are actually supporting via your presence at the demo.  (e.g. when 60% of the field is spies and cops, why bother?  it’s gonna go south or you’re gonna get arrested).

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      wtsp.com — Local jail records show the vast majority of those arrested for rioting, unlawful assembly and burglary are Minnesotans. MINNEAPOLIS — In casting blame on those responsible for the worst damage from the riots, local and state leaders attributed it to people not from Minnesota. But publicly available data does not support those claims, KARE 11 Investigates has found. “I think our best estimate of what we heard are about 20 percent are Minnesotans, and 80 percent are outside,” Gov.

      KARE 11 found that of 36 cases, about 86% of those arrested, listed Minnesota as their address.



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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      badly written article:

      “I think our best estimate of what we heard are about 20 percent are Minnesotans, and 80 percent are outside,”

      “of 36 cases, about 86% of those arrested, (sic misleading comma) listed Minnesota as their address


      besides which, i don’t know how many arrests were made.  the sample is 36.  not much to generalize on, i’d think.

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        Those weren’t generalizations, they were real numbers.

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          Cold Mountain Trail
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          i didn’t say the numbers were generalizations.

          i said a sample of 36 people is not a good base on which to form generalizations.

          especially if the article itself gets the numbers confused.

          In case you didn’t notice, the article first says 80% of the arrestees were outsiders.

          A couple of lines later, it says 86% of 36 arrests (=30 people) were natives.

          So which is right, 80% were outsiders, or 86% were natives?  They can’t both be right.

          Once you figure that out, ask yourself if a sample of 36 is adequate to draw conclusions about all who were arrested.

          Just for starters, I’d imagine if there were outsiders involved, I’d think there’d be fewer on the first day of protests than on later days, so a sample one day probably isn’t representative for other days.


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      Trump flunky William Barr has asserted with some certainty that “Antifa” and “extreme left” radicals were behind the violence.

      While Trump phobic media outlets like CNN and MSNBC have maintained that “white supremecists” comprised the majority of the shit stirrers.

      The latest I have heard  (1 pm Sunday) is that local agencies have backed off their claim that no  (or very few) Minnesotans were involved.

      I love a nice juicy conspiracy theory as much as the next paranoiac, but I doubt that the truth about the identity of the outside agitators will ever be known.

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      there is no secret. Various anarchist groups, BLM etc. have called for demonstrations all over the country, according to their own initiative, and times and places for those actions have been publicly shared over various social media as well as mouth to mouth. These are the agitators, and this how agitation is done, by all kinds of American people everywhere. Calling these agitators “outsiders” does not make any sense, as if these agitators were not also actual and potential victims of killer cops etc. police brutality and other systemic violence regardless of their city of residence.

      Do people here mean by “agitation” something else than dictionary definition “to stir up public interest in a cause”? Isn’t the cause of “Stop Killing Us” cause worthy of stirring up public interest? Who can be outsider to this cause, and how?


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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Authorities initially said the same thing in Cleveland and other cities, and it turned out not to be true. I think this was a setup to declare ANTIFA a terrorist group, but I have no evidence to back up the claim other than the timing of Trump’s announcement.

      Cops lie. Don’t trust those bastards.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      If Democrats don’t stand for the people, why should people stand for them?--Jim Hightower

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      So Far From Heaven
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      @njcher , and I have a question for everyone.

      Who cares?

      Is this just an isolated case of white officers killing an unarmed black person? Not so, June Cleaver.

      IF this were an isolated, once a decade event, then the locals should take care of bidness. But this is just another of a long string of racist policing over the past decade or more, and maybe it’s time for this to become the national story and get a ton of focus on the issue. Racism is inherant all over the US. The problem must be addressed as a National problem, not a Minn. problem.

      Therefor it is necessary for this movement to also be a national movement in Minn., though I suppose the movement should also be undertaken everywhere.

      Did all the American soldiers only fight in their respective states in the Revolution? Of course not. Neither should these.

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