Palast: We have Mortally Wounded Jim Crow Program

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      We have Mortally Wounded Jim Crow Program

      But dangers lurk. First, at least a dozen states are still using the old Crosscheck scrub lists. Astonishingly, this includes Virginia, which the Democrats just won. We are working with Gary Flowers in Richmond, formerly Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Southern States organizer, to kill the voter scrub list in that state.

      Second, the settlement signed by Kris Kobach’s successor in Kansas with the ACLU only stops Crosscheck temporarily. The agreement permits Crosscheck to return if the state installs cyber security protections. It’s kind of like putting Al Capone in prison for not paying his taxes, but hey, we take the victories as we get them.

      In 2016, Micah Kubic, head of the ACLU Kansas, joined me for the launch of our film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, in which I confront Kobach with the secret lists he never thought I would see. Flustered, he lied to me on camera, then lied again and again, though he called me later to try to walk back his fabrications.

      I wasn’t fooled, Micah wasn’t fooled, nor was the Women’s League for Kansas which sponsored showings of our film all over the state.

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