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Home Main Forums Latest Breaking News 'Passions are high' as Ben Sasse fields questions during Elkhorn South town hall

  • Omaha Steve (986 posts)
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    'Passions are high' as Ben Sasse fields questions during Elkhorn South town hall

    By Mara Klecker

    A boisterous crowd of more than 500 drilled Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., with questions at a town hall meeting Friday morning at Elkhorn South High School.
    Sasse seemed prepared for the combative crowd and stayed patient, pausing often to ask the audience to stop yelling over him as he fielded their many pointed concerns, mostly about health care legislation and President Donald Trump’s budget proposal. Scheduled to last an hour, the event stretched to 90 minutes.
    Sasse repeatedly addressed the issue of polarization, which he said was more acute on Capitol Hill than in Nebraska.

    “This nation is more divided in Washington than any coffee shop in Nebraska,” he said as the meeting began.

    FULL story & photo gallery at link: http://www.omaha.com/news/metro/passions-are-high-as-ben-sasse-fields-questions-during-elkhorn/article_f72be7ec-0b32-11e7-9c4b-bfc3ed9fe30c.html

    I was called away on a family problem. My update & photos will be later today.



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  • Haikugal (4658 posts)
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    1. Thanks Steve! Looking forward to the rest of your report and hope the family is

    all well :hi:

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    • roguevalley (1204 posts)
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      2. I hope they all broil. I bet its astonishing to these guys to face this. Cause

      and effect is missing in them.

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