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    Passionate Progressive
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    Hello wonderful people of JPRdom,

    I’m having a strange problem that I’ll try to describe here…When I open a number of threads, I see a flash of the message and then it disappears.  Then I try to reopen the same thread and it’s a blank screen…The problem seems to occur in threads that are original excerpts or ideas but not copied and pasted portions of articles with links….I don’t do twitter so maybe these types of problems occur when someone reposts something from Twitter or other social media vehicle….Thanks. Keep up the good work.  PP

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    I believe this has been reported before here in Help/Q&A.

    For me, this seems to be a problem only in Chrome browser, mainly with Twitter posts.

    For example, a recent one: — just flashes once in Chrome (then blank on re-visit, as you described).

    Works fine in Edge & Firefox, probably other browsers.

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      Utopian Leftist
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      I have the same problem as you.

      It’s TWITTER posts only. I don’t Twit. So if someone posts a link to there, it flashes, then disappears before I have a chance to read it

      I’m using Firefox. I don’t think the browser has anything to do with it though.

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    Here is the trick I use to overcome the Twitter link problem. In my case the Twitter link appears for a few seconds. I place my cursor near where it appeared; hit F5 to refresh the page, and click on the link before it disappears again.

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    Babel 17
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    It’s possible that your browser is set to block all tracking, and IIRC in order to see twitter posts you need to have tracking cookies enabled for the forum you’re reading those twitter posts on. Not for twitter, but the forum itself, tracking cookies have to be allowed in order to see tweets, and Content Blocking turned off.

    With Firefox, I put my mouse over the green lock thingy to the left of the address bar, click on it, and then I can make changes. From there cookies can be cleared out so as to keep reading articles from the New York Times, or the Washington Post, for example.

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    Me too.

    I feel much better since I gave up hope.

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