Pelosi and Schumer outmaneuvered Trump.

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      They said, “Let’s reopen government, then talk about border security.” There is no reason the two issues are related. They could have hit on that point a little harder, although it’s pretty obvious. The president decided he could hold the government hostage because the American people share his low regard for government. Democrats should find it easy to make Trump look like a petulant bully, which is exactly what he is.

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      People watched Dump say he would take responsibility. People believe what is in their wallet (tax cuts for the rich = blue wave) and what they see on TVEE.

      Read his lips, Dump f*cked the pooch on this one. Pence took a nap, his ONE JOB (monitor Trump) and he couldn’t stay awake!


      Forcing people to work without pay is akin to slavery.

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