Pelosi announces plans for 9/11-style commission to examine Capitol riot

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      House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Monday that the US Congress will establish an outside, independent commission to review the “facts and causes” related to the deadly 6 January insurrection at the US Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump in the waning days of his presidency.

      Pelosi said in a letter to members of Congress that the commission would be modeled on a similar one convened after the 11 September 2001, terrorist attack on Washington and New York.

      Democratic and Republican lawmakers had issued calls for a bipartisan 9/11-style commission to investigate why government officials and law enforcement failed to stop the attack on the Capitol in January, while both chambers of Congress were engaged in the process of certifying Joe Biden’s election victory.

      The calls followed Trump’s acquittal in his second impeachment trial, in which he was accused of inciting the insurrection after months of stoking his supporters with exhortations to try to overturn the election result and an inflammatory rally on the day itself, outside the White House, when he urged angry supporters to march on the Capitol.

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      The 9/11 commission, much like the Warren commission before it, was a huge fucking waste of time, money, and resources which never came within 666 miles of the truth. Last thing we need is another one of those.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      David the Gnome
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      Another “commission” – going to have to agree with the devil.  Anything they come up with will be a waste of time.  The leader of that particular riot circus was just acquitted by the Senate.  I suspect that anything discovered by a… “Commission” at this point would not amount to much.

      They’ll arrest a few more extremist idiots maybe, but the real crooks?  Trump, Paul, McConnell, Pelosi, etc… They are untouchable.

      So, nope.  Don’t really give a shit.

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      Might as well just reuse the 9/11 commission report FFS!

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      What a great idea! All the possibly responsible people will

      testify without taking an oath, in secret, and will then be

      promoted. The general public witnesses however, will not be

      permitted to testify. Sounds just like Pelosi!

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      not to mention the lack of financial and healthcare support for all during the pandemic? How about adding failures in state unemployment systems leaving many without resources? Maybe low or no-interest forgivable loans for PEOPLE instead of just corporations?

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        Now that would be a hearing worth watching!

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      this is hilarious. could she think of something with any less credibility?

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      I envisioned that headline, “Pelosi announces 9/11-style commission” in a very cynical moment as something that’s possible, and would be par for the course.
      But now it’s reality!
      Just one time they should ask the taxpayers before “announcing.”
      Shows you how out of it Pelosi is, but she’s been proving that via almost everything, including the articles picked for Impeachment 1 and Impeachment 2.
      It is possible that, despite it all, in spite of itself, the investigation brings something to light but if it is found by these investigators there’s a good chance the Commission will keep it to themselves. Existence of commission: Nancy saying you don’t mess with Nancy. Results of commission: probably no information but much outrage at Bogeymen.

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      leftcoast mountains
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      they all are.

      vote for nobody

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      Which is, there are a lot of pissed off people in this nation due to irresponsible leadership starting with her. There I summed it up in a sentence.

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      Well now that the second impeachment distraction is over, Pelosi needs a new distraction. Anything to avoid helping the increasingly desperate masses.

      Anyone remember the 9/11 Commission? What a worthless shitshow that was. I would expect much the same.

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      Pressley’s chief of staff said her office’s panic buttons ‘had been torn out’ before Capitol riot

      Around that time, Groh said, she discovered the office’s panic buttons had been removed while she and the other staffers were working to secure the office’s entrance using available furniture and water jugs.

      “Every panic button in my office had been torn out — the whole unit,” Groh said, despite noting she had previously used the buttons in that same office. Groh said in the interview that she did not know why the buttons had been removed.

      In a statement to The Hill later on Wednesday, a spokesperson for Pressley said “the matter has been raised with the relevant agencies and is currently under investigation.” The representative said the “duress buttons” had previously been “installed throughout the Congresswoman’s office suite.”

      “Our staff has used these devices before and they are regularly tested and maintained,” they said.

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      retired liberal
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      Whoever is responsible needs to be brought up an criminal charges. From the person who ordered their removal to the persons that removed them. This is on the same order as the congress critters that lead the tours of the Capitol for the insurrectionists on 01/05/2021.

      On a related note, anyone that is OK with Donald J. Trump walking after the impeachment, has to be satisfied with the corruption in our government. How bad does it have to be before something real gets done? We have to start somewhere. And no, AOC is not the problem (she is the distraction), the leadership is, Nancy, Chuck, Mitch, Ted Cruz and a whole long list of both Democrats and Republicans.

      We are an arrogant species, believing our fantasy based "facts" are better than the other person's fake facts.
      If you are wrong, it will be because you are not cynical enough.
      Both major political parties are special interest groups enabling each other for power and money, at the expense of the people they no longer properly serve…
      Always wear a proper mask when out and about. The life you save could be both yours and mine.

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