People who ignore social distancing rules may have psychopathic personality traits, study finds

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      Ever since this pandemic started, I’ve wondered about people who throw caution to the wind and refuse to wear masks and observe social distancing.  Hmm, it turns out that people who do this have  certain personality traits such as:

      “… study participants who scored high on traits like meanness and lack of restraint also said they didn’t follow social distancing and hygiene practices like hand-washing.


      • Blagov found that people who exhibited more psychopathic traits like meanness and lack of restraint were more likely to disregard policies like social distancing.

      If reports of people licking toilet seats and intentionally spitting on others during the coronavirus pandemic left you astounded, a new study on the psychology of pandemic behaviors could answer your questions about what motivated their behaviors.

      The study, a peer-reviewed pre-print that will soon be published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science, asked 502 people to answer questions online about how often they followed coronavirus pandemic health guidelines, if they planned to follow guidelines going forward, and what they’d do if they were diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.


      Link to story.

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      People who don’t observe social distancing and wear masks are just mean and inconsiderate.

      I know, big revelation, right?

      As an academic who teaches people how to read and write such studies, our teachers’ lounge conversations often revolved around how professors and researchers prove the obvious. This might be one of those cases.


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      It’s strikes me that it is far more likely to be sheer force of habit than anything else. Dewey taught us how powerful habits are, and lifetime habits are the most powerful of them all. No doubt there’s some psychopathy out there, and just simple frustration and misunderstanding, but I am wary of psychologists broad-brushing.

      Throughout my life, they’re wrong at least as often as they’re right.

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      They were mean, aggressive, and hostile.

      The study may be pretty darn accurate.

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      To expect people to suddenly buck their evolutionary history as a highly social species, is silly.

      Most of the people who are wearing their masks and gloves aren’t following any kind of procedure. I observe them closely, and they only imagine that they are not spreading viruses.

      None of the healthcare professionals I’m acquainted with are social distancing, nor are they wearing masks in public, and that includes the RN who heads the covid-19 unit in a local hospital (who I have known for 20 years). She said every one of her ICU patients have “uncontrolled diabetes” and hypertension.

      I think it is others, who have psychological issues.

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      There are some people that just legitimately have trouble with social distancing because they are such social people and constantly have to remind themselves to pull back and keep their distance.  But I have seen a lot that seem to take perverse pleasure in getting up in other peoples space, coughing on them, making comments about the masks, etc.  I get that some people may not be worried about it, but to actively go out of your way to make other people uncomfortable or afraid is really sick.

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