People’s Party now a registered party of Washington State.

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      Press Release

      Washington voters now have a viable choice for people-first representation at all levels of government. The People’s Party of Washington #PPOW registered its charter as a 527 tax-exempt political organization with the Washington Secretary of State’s office on May 20, 2021.

      “The People’s Party gives voters a true choice to support a political party and candidates who pledge not to accept funding from big corporations,” said Marc Mixon, PPOW Chair.

      The People’s Party of Washington will:

      Focus on policies and programs that help Washington residents, not corporate interests.
      Represent the interest of the 99% and create a system that values each person and supports economic and social justice for all.
      Is structured to make space for and actively solicit all voices to participate in a deliberative and dynamic democracy.
      Not be governed by a select few in party leadership as decision-making authority is shared among those working in the trenches.
      Vows to have no backroom deals and will maintain full transparency.

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      –they have a statewide list of registered voters.  Which can be obtained fairly cheaply fro the Secretary of State.  From that point onward they’d have to do consistent canvassing to keep it up to date.

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