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Home Topics in Depth Economics Perhaps we need Universal Basic Income here in this country? (Thom Hartmann)

  • cascadiance (2950 posts)
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    Perhaps we need Universal Basic Income here in this country? (Thom Hartmann)

    Thom Hartmann’s Big Picture show earlier this week interviewed a gentleman looking at how Finland is trying a newer system where everyone gets a basic level of income guaranteed (which is similar to what we get as unemployment benefits for a limited period of time when not employed), and that people’s salary layer on top of that.

    This might address the concerns for automation screwing over many people too, and give people the chance to look for jobs they really want to do, that perhaps don’t have to be full time, so that the idea earlier of automation giving us more free time to do things we really want to do to be realized, and keep our well being not completely dependent on what corporate elites determine we should be paid or not paid if we get laid off or the like.

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    Vote AGAINST the race to the bottom by both corporate parties who seek to screw workers over globally!                                                                                  

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  • Eggar (2094 posts)
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    1. Is KPOJ coming back?

    as a Progressive Radio Station (primarily – I know… the sports) ?  I thought I saw a new bilboard coming in from the East on the 84 right before the approach to the 5 interchange. Big KPOJ sign. and I swear it said  ‘…. place for progressive talk…’ etc.

    • cascadiance (2950 posts)
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      2. I think the liberal talk hosts like Carl Wolfson moved to XRAY FM here…

      Which still I think has Thom Hartmann on it now and a few other liberal shows there.  But Wolfson left about a year ago complaining that Bernie supporters were giving him too much crap then.  Have known him personally from local Democratic Party meetings, etc. and he seems like a nice guy and still is a FB friend of mine, but I think he gets overly defensive of what Bernie supporters want and I think he’s attached himself too much to Clinton to be a good long term progressive host in this area.



      If I want progressive talk on the radio in my car, I tune in to Sirius Left instead there though.  And at home I tune in to FSTV to get all of the progressive talk I want.


      Vote AGAINST the race to the bottom by both corporate parties who seek to screw workers over globally!                                                                                  
      • Eggar (2094 posts)
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        3. ugh… sorry to hear wolfson took that path


        Just Pure JPR for me for a while now. Once HRC becomes a distant memory I will probably re-up my TH podcasts.  Just remember so many years pulling KPOJ on the web live while working in So.Cal

        • cascadiance (2950 posts)
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          4. I remember when KLSD went down in San Diego…

          And being a part of the protests there then, which solidified my usage of Sirius Left then as my means to get progressive talk while on the road.

          This was me in the V costume during one of those protests way back then before many used these masks in Occupy protests years later.


          Vote AGAINST the race to the bottom by both corporate parties who seek to screw workers over globally!                                                                                  
          • Eggar (2094 posts)
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            5. Yep. Your & my paths

            experience-wise with this and locals coincide a bunch. I used to listen to Stacy Taylor’s morning show on my way to work & RR, Ed & TH after lunch, MM on the way home.  I remember Stacy’s show taking big stances along side Mike Aguire against the ginormous GOP machine in the SD bureaucracy & pay to play system.




            But Now we’re both up here! Yay!  ( “.)


            That’s so weird. You brought back a memory of how I discovered them. It was an ad from their sister station of the time KGB’s Dave Kelly & chainsaw (which I barely was listening to to occupy my commute) and I gladly switched over :)


            I’ll take a picture of the sign the next time I am out that way. Don’t wanna use my truck much since I have yet to register it in the state.  whooops! – it’s gonna cost bundles I don’t have currently

  • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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    6. Finland's experiment covers a few thousand people. It's hardly 'radical"

    and as for the US, expect more cuts to the safety net.  They’re not going to do anything like give people “free money” — read the writing on the wall and stop smoking the pipe.  They’re gunning for everything, and they don’t give a damn about you.

  • Akallabeth (2234 posts)
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    7. US government cannot do anything that would adversely impact banks profits.

    For them to do that the taxpayer would have to pay twice, once (first) to the banks to repay them for their expected lost profits, in advance.  Then the actual basic income.


    Thats because the WTO agreement we signed regulates all measures of general application affecting trade in services.

    You cannot give away things which people would pay businesses for under WTO rules.  The government is only allowed to do that with things that are already free, like healthcare in countries with single payer.

    Here, where its clear that healthcare is for profit, thats forbidden forever. Since 1995.

    Once countries have commercial vendors of a service, the governments agreed in perpetuity to not do anything to undermine businesses.


    Everything else is okay. Governments can still decide things that don’t affect trade in services. If anything that doesn’t exists.


    "Out of many, one"