Peru Sees 3 Presidents In The Span Of A Week

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      Peru is on its third president in the span of a week. The first one was impeached last week. The second one lasted just six days before he was forced to resign. That was Sunday after massive protests. And then yesterday, the legislature selected Francisco Sagasti as the country’s new leader. Well, let’s go to Lima, which is where we find Gustavo Gorriti. He’s editor-in-chief of the independent investigative site IDL Reporters.

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      We could do the same — out with Trump, swear in Biden, and then watch him keel over.

      Joe is at that age where every day above ground is a good day.

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      This one’s 76 years old. Should we start a pool over whether President Segasti lasts longer than President Biden. I’m sure the Brits will be right on top of this one. They’ll bet on anything.

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