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      NATO Seen Favorably Across Member States

      NATO is generally seen in a positive light across publics within the alliance, despite lingering tensions between the leaders of individual member countries. A median of 53% across 16 member countries surveyed have a favorable view of the organization, with only 27% expressing a negative view. But opinions of NATO and related issues vary widely across the countries surveyed, especially regarding the obligations of Article 5 of the 70-year-old Washington Treaty, which declares that an attack against one member nation is considered an attack against all members.

      Favorable views of the organization have fluctuated over time among both NATO member and nonmember countries. Since the late 2000s, favorable opinions of NATO are up 10 percentage points or more in Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland. However, positive opinions of NATO are down significantly in Bulgaria, Russia, Germany and France over the past decade, with double-digit percentage point declines in each of these countries. Favorable views of the organization are also down significantly in Spain and the Czech Republic.

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      Sadly…Everybody loves a parade.

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      now that the Cold War is over(although there are some trying to bring it back, unfortunately, including many in NATO) and considering that most of Europe is under the European Union anyway. With that being said, what is the point of an alliance or having allies if you don’t believe in collective defense or are unwilling to defend an ally? Isn’t that the whole point of alliances, at least military ones anyway? So I don’t get those who support NATO but not article 5, that doesn’t really make sense to me.

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