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Home Main Forums All Things Bernie/Our Revolution Photos from Bernie Sanders Town Hall Detroit

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  • Rocco (655 posts)
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    1. Looks better attended than

    The Trumpty Dumpty rally in Aridzona.

    • caliny (2318 posts)
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      2. I'm sure

      How are you?

      Think Mike will come back to NY soon?

      • Rocco (655 posts)
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        3. Good

        If I can, I’ll be there.

  • Colors of the Rainbow (1713 posts)
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    4. This is my area but…

    I am on vacation out of state.


    Thank you, caliny, for having posted it!

  • Major Hogwash (3241 posts)
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    5. These are great.

    We need more of it, Bernie rocks.

    Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin