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    Pic of Cubans at dominoes in Irma floodwaters sparks debate

    Pic of Cubans at dominoes in Irma floodwaters sparks debate
    Michael Weissenstein and Andrea Rodriguez, Associated Press

    Updated 1:36 pm, Friday, September 15, 2017


    HAVANA (AP) — As Hurricane Irma flooded the working-class neighborhoods behind Havana’s seaside Malecon, a photographer for the Cuban Communist Party newspaper watched two men pulling broken furniture out of the calf-high water.

    Nearby four others sat on plastic chairs playing dominoes in the filthy water, which reached halfway up their legs to a makeshift wooden table balanced on their knees. Juvenal Balan snapped a photo and posted it online with a comment declaring it “incredible” that the four were playing while “others work together to mitigate the damage.”

    Then, something unexpected happened. The photo went viral and ignited a furious and complicated debate about the state of Cuban society.

    Many on the island and in Cuba’s sprawling international diaspora saw Sunday’s scene as a textbook example of “social indiscipline,” a commonly heard phrase in the country that’s used to bemoan the flouting of prized civic values like cleanliness, politeness and helping one’s neighbors. But for others the photo symbolized another, equally Cuban quality: good-humored resilience in the face of difficulty, even disaster.

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  • HassleCat (2616 posts)
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    1. I guess it was a symbolic act of defiance.

    “No damn storm is gonna stop our domino game!”