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    'Pickup Tour' Kicks Off In Indy

    Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vermont,  launches a multi-state tour in Indianapolis Monday, Aug. 21 to talk about working class challenges.



    Sanders says the rallies will target their message to elected officials and corporations. He’ll ask for universal healthcare, affordable college, infrastructure improvements and jobs returned to the U.S. from oversees.



    “We can address those issues if working people begin to stand up and fight back and demand an economy that works for all and not just the people on top,” says Sanders.




    Sen. Sanders Launches ‘Midwest Pickup Tour’ Today In Indianapolis




    Sanders will open the tour with State Senator David Niezgodski and former local union official Chuck Jones. Jones was a leading voice for Carrier workers during their fight with the manufacturer about outsourced jobs to Mexico.

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    1. Calling Trump an "Embarrassment," Sanders Says Organized Labor Key to Nation's–



    As part of a multi-stop tour through midwest states this week, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) addressed organized workers in Indianapolis, Indiana on Monday and told them that even as President Donald Trump is an “embarrassment” for equivocating on white supremacy and racism, it will take a re-energized labor movement to take the nation back from the billionaire class and powerful corporate interests that now grip the nation’s Republican-controlled government.

    Speaking at a rally hosted by the Communication Workers of America, Good Jobs Nation, and Our Revolution, Sanders blasted the president as he drove home the need for a galvanized a grassroots movement that would fight on behalf of working class families and cut beyond racial division.

    “We’re not going to rebuild the shrinking middle class unless we rebuild the trade union movement,” declared Sanders. The Independent senator from Vermont also confirmed that “When Congress reconvenes, I will introduce legislation calling for a Medicare-for-All program.”

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