Pilger Says Assange Denies Meeting Manafort

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      The Guardian has claimed Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange at the Ecuador embassy. John Pilger visited Assange and tells CN’s Joe Lauria Assange strongly denied any such meeting.

      Pilger: ‘Julian is a touchstone for opposition’

      By Joe Lauria
      Special to Consortium News

      WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has vehemently denied that he ever met Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, according to journalist and filmmaker John Pilger, who met with Assange at Ecuador’s embassy in London last week.

      Pilger said Assange told him the story published by The Guardian on Nov. 27 was a “total fabrication.” Pilger told Consortium News in an interview for the Unity4J vigil on Friday that “I personally can confirm that did not happen. He said it was a fabrication. It was not possible. The way internal security works at that embassy, it was not possible.”

      Pilger called The Guardian story “an indication of a kind of degradation of the media today and especially of the ‘respectable’ media. We discussed that a great deal.”

      Pilger said Assange had been the target of attacks “over the years” that have come “thick and fast.” He said: “And for one man to cope with them is an extraordinary feat. Only occasionally does he express anger—he does it as anyone of us would feel—say on an attack like The Guardian‘s utterly false story.”

      More: https://consortiumnews.com/2018/12/24/video-pilger-says-assange-denies-meeting-manafort/

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      The “source” is officially exposed.

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      The companies they work for know that it’s just a talking point for the corporate state that pays their salaries. They’re stooges that can look into the mirror because they constantly remind each other, “We are the good guys!”.


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      The article is based on the video

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