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    Please join me in bidding Nichomachus goodbye

    For those who haven’t already heard, Nichomachus passed away on Feb. 24.

    Nichomachus was a friend of mine. Although we originally met in person more than 15 years ago and would occasionally meet for a meal or for a hockey game that involved his beloved Bruins (even though he lived hundreds of miles away), our friendship was primarily nurtured and strengthened online and in e-mail. More than 12 years ago when I revealed something personal on the Smirking Chimp that he was already aware of, he quickly sent me an e-mail headed “Busted!” Not long after our covers were blown, we both fled to SV, where it took us longer than it should have to realize that we weren’t welcome there and that our shared antipathy toward neoliberalism was construed as a fault rather than as an advantage. And so, like many others, we both wound up here (although, unlike me, he stubbornly maintained a presence at that Other Place, mainly, I suspect, to cause trouble.)

    Nicho was a skeptic and a scholar, he was arguably a curmudgeon, he could be hilarious often, but fundamentally  he was a deeply caring person, who had the misfortune of remembering, asking questions, and of actually paying attention, attributes that are generally frowned upon today. Is it any surprise that he was a big fan of H.L. Mencken and George Carlin?

    It was a rare day when I didn’t receive at least a half dozen e-mails from him. Even though we were on the same time zone and I am an early riser, his were often the first in my inbox every morning. Although his messages covered a variety of topics, everything from hockey to science and, of course, to current events, there were a few subject headings that he often repeated. One was “Tell me again why you haven’t moved to Canada?!” (through the luck of birth, I qualify for dual citizenship) and the other, my favorite, was “Why aren’t we rioting in the streets?”

    Why indeed?

    So long, Nichomachus. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who misses you. Nor am I the only one who will never forget you.




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    • ThouArtThat (3292 posts)
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      1. Condolences – Saddness When Good Men Are No More


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    • Manny Goldstein (1777 posts)
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      2. I'm sorry for your loss, our loss

      He was a very thoughtful poster.

      Peace to you, to him, and to all of us.

    • Passionate Progressive (1189 posts)
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      3. Farewell Nichomauchus

      You will be missed.

    • RufusTFirefly (835 posts)
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      4. Thank you all!

      I really feel like dropping Nicho a line to tell him that his thread already has 15 recs.

      But alas, I can’t.

    • Piperay (465 posts)
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      5. Much sympathy to all who will be missing him…

      R-I-P Nichomachus

    • glinda (1620 posts)
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      6. I did not know him but I admire him through your tribute and

      heartfelt post. Wish I had known him. Sorry for your loss. RIP Nichomachus.

      Animals know more than we do. - Native American proverb
      • no retreat no surrender (1035 posts)
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        19. I'm with you

        You said what I was going to say. I too wish I had known him. RIP Nichomachus.

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    • Colors of the Rainbow (1003 posts)
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      7. I am sorry

      Rest In Peace, Nichomachus!

    • A little weird (292 posts)
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      8. I'm sorry

      I remember seeing his posts but I regret I didn’t have the honor of knowing him personally. Condolences to his family and friends.

    • WillyT (6559 posts)
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      9. Beautiful Testament Rufus…



    • Marym625 (16809 posts)
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      10. I'm so sorry for your loss.

      A loss we will all feel.

      I wasn’t lucky enough to know him outside of his posts.  But his loss will be felt everywhere.

      Thank you for your tribute

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    • closeupready (657 posts)
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      11. I remember him from SV – very sad. It can be tempting to forget

      in the furious back-and-forth that goes on sometimes, that there are real people behind the screen names.  RIP.

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    • Silver Witch (4224 posts)
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      12. Travel well Nicho.

      Your presence will be sorely missed.

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    • SurrealAmerican (490 posts)
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      13. I'm sorry for your loss.

      It’s our loss too.

    • senz (4862 posts)
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      14. It's hard to lose a friend.

      Condolences to you, Rufus, and may he rest in peace.

    • Octafish (2880 posts)
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      15. Hasta siempre, Hermano.

      Please accept my deepest sympathies and condolences on the loss of our colleague and friend, RufusTFirefly.

      A patriot, Nichomacus knew right from wrong and wasn’t afraid to say what is what.



      “Get the truth and print it.” -- John S. Knight
    • Cleita (1921 posts)
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      16. Rest in peace Nichomachus.

      Condolences to his family and friends.

    • VoiceOfReason (989 posts)
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      17. my favorite poem dedicated to Nichomachus

      I did not know him well but now I know about him.

      May he rest in peace.

      "Men who do evil brilliantly are often admired"  Voltaire BERN BABY BERN!!  War is madness!
    • roguevalley (1288 posts)
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      18. my condolences. I hate losing good people, though we never met. you make

      this person live for us. Thank you and may you have peace in time. -RV

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    • RufusTFirefly (835 posts)
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      20. Thank you all for your wonderful demonstrations of support

      I will endeavor to pass on your tributes to his loved ones.

      Meanwhile, I still find myself constantly resisting the temptation to e-mail Nicho with the latest article or outrage. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

      One thing does make me smile: Although I’m not really a fan of the “Broons” (sorry Nicho!), I noticed that Boston’s Brad Marchand is currently leading the league in both goals and points.

      That would normally be more than enough to prompt Nichomachus to don his “Don’t poke the Bear” t-shirt.

    • hopemountain (1380 posts)
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      21. i am sorry ~

      may your affection for your dear friend and remembrance of your times together offer you comfort.

      "economic and environmental justice is spiritual work." ~ tom b. k. goldtooth ....
    • Major Hogwash (1881 posts)
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      22. Wow, that is bad news.

      You were lucky to have known him for so long. He sounds like a cool guy.

    • slipslidingaway (160 posts)
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    • slipslidingaway (160 posts)
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      24. I remember him and can hope his family and friends let the best memories

      rise to the surface.



    • Mac1949 (3 posts)
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      25. Sympathy to all his friends and family

      I did not know him directly, but have always found his posts interesting and generally spot-on.  He will be missed.