Political firefight in Portland

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      SHOOTING erupts as Antifa & Proud Boys clash violently in Portland (VIDEOS) from https://on.rt.com/bf3h :

      Dozens of right-wing Proud Boys and leftist Antifa members have clashed in a chaotic street showdown in Portland, armed with a variety of improvised weapons ranging from bats and shields to paintball guns, mace and fireworks.

      A brief gun battle also erupted in downtown Portland on Sunday, according to multiple videos shared by witnesses. Some of them showed a middle-aged man in a fedora hat hiding behind trash bins and firing several shots across the street.

      From another angle, it appears that shots were fired towards the shooter as well, though it remains unclear who opened fire first. Some reports suggested the man was a Proud Boys supporter who was being chased away by Antifa members, before opening fire.

      1/ There are bullet sizes marks on both ends of the alley where the fire / return fire happened.

      I remember Biden’s comments on Portland during the debates: “I don’t hold public office now. I am a former Vice President.” I wonder if he will take action or at least comment now.

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      I knew it, Horatio. A city of infinite jest and excellent fancy.

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        That’s a wonderful description, but Portland is shocking to see now after a couple of years of chaos.

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      invest in some new kevlar fashion.

      "Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime" - Aristotle "The more I see of the moneyed peoples, the more I understand the guillotine" - George Bernard Shaw "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable" - JFK "If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth." ~ Julian Assange #SurviveAndRevolt

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      Sorry about the YouTube Age Restriction.

      In this video, many of these people seem high on Methamphimes.

      If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit WC Fields

      Warning DO NOT CLICK HERE!
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      Americans fighting Americans over fucking Israel? Divide and conquer working wonders.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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