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  • CalGoldenBear (2460 posts)

    POLITICO race ratings: The GOP House is crumbling

    “POLITICO race ratings: The GOP House is crumbling”


    With a total of 435 House seats, 218 are needed for control.  Currently, it’s 235 Repubs, 193 Dems, and 7 vacancies.

    According to Politico, 209 seats are currently either “firmly or leaning” Dem and another 158 are firmly or leaning Repub, leaving 68 “in play.”  So if these mumbers play out on 11/6, the Dems need to take only 9 more seats to control the House.  (We should be so lucky to be in a similar situation in the Senate where control means being able to confirm federal judges, judges, judges).


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  • Major Hogwash (5000 posts)

    1. Most of the Democrats in the House are scared of doing anything, though.

    Pelosi and Perez have decided to be “milquetoast Democrats”. They don’t want to offend anyone.

    Which is how the Democrats lost control of the House to begin with.
    The last 20 years have been all about “getting along” with assholes from the other side of the aisle.
    They want to sing kumbaya around the campfire, and roast wienies.
    But, the fucking campfire they are sitting around is the nation!

    Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin  
    • Ohio Barbarian (13463 posts)

      2. With any luck at all we will have a progressive caucus that can start pushing

      for a few things. Of course, Pelosi and Hoyer will do their best to hamstring them. Why do Nancy’s constituents keep voting for her, anyway? Is it just because she lives in one of the most expensive counties in the country?

      No man ought to stay poor so another man can get rich. --Newton Knight
      • CalGoldenBear (2460 posts)

        4. OB, the simple answer is YENOM (or money spelled backwards). Pelosi is a

        formidable fund-raiser and she’s quite willing to spread that money around to her loss fortunate or well-connected House colleagues.  (There’s probably a term for that kind of “polite graft,” but I’ve forgotten it).  And it may be that Pelosi “brings home the pork,” federal money despite abolition of “earmarks” in the budget and due to her seniority.

        Newbies to DC are perhaps appalled that in their “welcome to DC” orientations, whether Dem or Repub, they find out that they’ll have to spend as much as five HOURS per day on the phone asking/begging for campaign donations.  Who then has time to read through voluminous legislation like the five-year farm bill or the National Defense Appropriations Act, not to mention the federal budget?

        When Bernie got to DC in 1991, according to Wikipedia.org, he was the “convener” and one of the co-founders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  Today, he’s the ONLY senator member; HI’s Mazie Hirono was a CPC member while in the House, but as soon as she got elected to the Senate, she bailed.

        At the same time, I wonder why Bernie hasn’t started a similar caucus in the Senate.

  • Ohio Barbarian (13463 posts)

    3. The House will flip, no question.

    No man ought to stay poor so another man can get rich. --Newton Knight