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  • caliny (2246 posts)
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    Politics Nation: Bernie Sanders: I Want To Revitalize the Democratic Party


    Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., discusses holding president-elect Donald Trump accountable on his promises on Social Security and Medicaid, and whether the Democratic Party needs more diversity.


    Al: I’ve never seen anybody more robust and energetic then Bernie Sanders for 2020.

    LOL I’m not ruling out anything but it’s premature

    no, I’m not ruling it out

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8 replies
  • HomerRamone (444 posts)
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    1. Didn't he leave the Democratic Party again?

    So did I. But he’s opening himself up to “what gives *him* the right anymore?”

    • closeupready (2019 posts)
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      2. Who cares, though. What gives you the right to volunteer with sick children?

      What gives me the right to demonstrate against war?  If everyone who wanted to do something for others were to stop themselves from doing those things upon realizing that they had not been invited by anyone to do anything, then imagine the kind of world we’d be living in.

      Bernie is one tough old warrior and I have no doubt at all he’s 100% prepared for what the crooks in charge will throw at him.

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      • GZeusH (2474 posts)
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        3. He wasn't last time

        Time to  bulldoze the ruins of the Democratic Party into the dirt.

        Policy:  The mistaken notion that bossy people have that they can influence other people's behavior through majority rule.
    • Peace Patriot (3092 posts)
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      4. Support from half the Democratic Party voters maybe?

      And if the truth were known, way more than half?  Plus huge support in the biggest voting bloc in the country – Independents?  Plus many Republicans like him as well?

      It’s not a matter of “does he have the right?”.  It’s a matter of:  Does the Democratic Party deserve to have a winner?

      I wish it was possible for him to run as an Indy or form a new party – because I believe he would win and then he (and we) would be rid of the 1%-er wing of the Democratic Party.  But he doesn’t seem to think it’s possible to do it that way and is clearly trying to work with the faux Democrats and drag some of them back to representing the 99%.  I have such respect for the man that I won’t criticize him for this.  He knows that scene far better than I do, and, while the faux Democrats are fomenting hysteria about Russia – like reincarnations of Joe McCarthy – Sanders is quite visibly becoming the leader of the opposition to Trump.

      Do they deserve him?  No!  They committed election fraud against him!  Does he have a right to run for president in any damn way he chooses?  Hell yes!

      Caveat about my prediction that he would win in 2020:  If we reform our extremely riggable vote counting system by that time, he would win hands down.  If we don’t do our civic duty and restore an honest election system, he will face election fraud once again.

      • newsjunkie (732 posts)
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        6. I'm with you Peace Patriot

        and closeupready. I’m hoping someone else will come up strong in the next couple of years though, because as much as I love the snot outta Bernie, I’m not sure he wouldn’t be perceived as ‘cultish’ – sorta like what happened to Ron Paul. That’s what I perceive as his Achilles heel. However, I’m also betting against myself, because, as mentioned above, he is most definitely emerging as THE leader – YES, stronger than Trump. Something Paul never couldn’t achieve  as he didn’t represent the majority views of ALL voters, as demonstrated time and time again in polls.

  • rallison (68 posts)
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    5. Standing up to the

    DNC, Donors and Hillary at the stolen primary would have been the right thing to do. That was the time. There was a very real chance it would have resulted in President Bernie Sanders.

    • Peace Patriot (3092 posts)
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      8. Naw! They rigged the Primary against him – literally rigged…

      …the ‘TRADE SECRET’ voting machines, as well as every other form of rigging.

      They would have done it again.

      It is up to us – it is our civic duty – to create an election system in which the person we vote for takes office.  That is OUR duty, not anyone else’s.  We didn’t do our duty, and then we expected Bernie to stand up and make himself the target of more election fraud or the target of something even worse?  Not fair.  Bernie is not a savior.  He is a catalyst.  And he ran right up against a brick wall built by our Overlords to prevent reform and to prevent a well-anticipated rebellion against them.  They knew damn well that they were going too far, with looting and war.

      He showed us the wall.  It is up to us to take it down.

      I know what you’re feeling!  I felt it, too.  If only…if only…Bernie, Bernie!  I wanted him to smash out of the convention and run, run, RUN!  That feeling overrode reason.  It was not reasonable to believe that they wouldn’t do it to him again.  It would’ve been beautiful, but it would have ended in even more depression and disempowerment, if not in tragedy.

      He would not have been permitted to win.  That is reality.

      That is what we have to change.

  • newsjunkie (732 posts)
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    7. the video kinda wants me want to cry a little bit

    Last January I was down in Peru and spent a long train ride with an African American young woman who was studying civil rights in NY,about to embark  on the next leg of her life journey to South Africa to get her masters. We got onto politics and I asked her what she thought about Bernie. She said she was going to take Al Sharpton’s counsel. Man – if she had just seen the Al Sharpton he is in this video then. And the great thing is, this is not just water under the bridge. This is a ground swell that cannot be denied.