Poll: Are there people you know who have had the Covid-19 virus?

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Do you know anyone personally who has had the Covid-19 virus?

I mean who have definitely tested positive for it. If you THINK you probably had it or know someone who did who wasn't tested, please pick that option. If you have had it yourself and been tested, please pick #1. I figure is someone has symptoms of the virus and died, they would have been tested.

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  • #1 Yes, I know someone who tested positive for Covid-19 and lived.
  • #2 Yes, I know someone who tested positive for Covid-19 and died.
  • #3 I know someone who had symptoms of Covid-19 and lived, but they were not tested.
  • #4 I don't know anyone who tested positive for Covid-19 or had the symptoms.
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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Just trying to gage, in one way, how the pandemic has impacted the JPR community.

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      ..tested pos. Not much of an “impact”on me  but I put yes.

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        Two out of my four family members had symptoms, but recovered before the lockdown in Ohio was imposed in mid-March. Most of my coworkers say the same thing.

        It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

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      smokes a LOT of pot. He is home and fine.    My son has a medical marijuana card,  also has some diabetes 2 symptoms, which I clear up from time to time by not letting him eat carbs or sugar for a couple of weeks.  Well, okay, they all smoke pot and occasional tobacco, not drinkers.

      Son’s friend and  his son and daughter-in-law had bad flu symptoms, my son had some flu symptoms – he and my grandson live with me – my grandson and I had no symptoms, no one was tested.  I take a LOT of vitamin C, as I am 74 and looks like I am expendable.  As far as Biden’s buddy Zeke is concerned, anyway.  I signed up for a U of Pittsburgh blood serum test, no word yet on if accepted.  I am thinking unless we can all have home tests frequently, tests just show a momentary point in time, and are useful to see if someone has COVID, but of course you can get infected 10 minutes later.

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      My wife had a medical appointment in Houston on Chinese New Year.  After her appointment she went to her favorite Chinese restaurant.  The place was full of people celebrating the new year.  About a week later she began having symptoms–low-grade fever, congestion in her head, headache, extreme tiredness, all food had a metallic taste.  Within a couple of days I had symptoms–muscle weakness and pain particularly in the legs, congestion in head, overall tiredness.  We were both clear of it by early March.

      Around mid to late March I saw a symptom evaluation article from Tufts University.  I answered three pages of questions about my symptoms, the report came back–“your symptoms are consistent with Covid-19, please self-isolate and call your health provider for instructions”.

      I filled out the same form with my wife’s symptoms.  After the first page they came back with “Your symptoms are consistent with Covid-19.  Self isolate, call your health care provider immediately and follow their instructions.”

      We are both high-risk.  We are >65 years with underlying medical conditions.  The kind of people the Light Governor says should be willing to die for the economy.

      They may just as well have said “proceed to the morgue.  Fill out your toe-tag.  It will be just a short wait.”

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      Red Cloud
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      They had her quarantined twice already.

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        I have two daughters and 2 grand daughters who are in healthcare and all so far are fine. Us older  ones in the family are the ones in danger – 80+ lady who was in Arizona when the virus broke out and her son took a plane with her to fly home  (most of the plane riders did not wear masks) – 90 year old woman who lives in assisted living but was quarantined early to her own area and now is allowed to walk outdoors – and me 78 living in a house with my grandson and his wife who are both working out of home. This is as close as I have gotten.


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        Mr. Mickeys Mom
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        from one health care practitioner to another. I just retired 10 months ago.

        Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      I think my daughter and her boyfriend had it. She had a very mild form and he said it was really scary because he could not get enough air in. Neither got tested but it was at about the right time in Seattle



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      a little weird
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      Both she and her sister.  So far so good, but she is in a high-risk category and I’m very worried about her.  🙁

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      Would have been very early but fatigue, breathing diffculties and cough remain. Same for a friend with massive fatigue, muscle weakness and headaches etc. Neither of us tested during active phase as no fever – and she went to the ER it was so bad.

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      Or it may have been something else. Had a weird chest cold is all. Could have been allergies, but never had the feeling that my lungs weren’t filling 100% and a light cough with allergies. Rode plenty of mass transit up until mid March. Still was able to maintain a normal exercise regimen. So who knows, should probably get tested for antibodies at some point if I can figure out how. Testing is still very limited in Oregon.

      My mother in law lost a childhood friend to COVID. Details of his death are too unpleasant to share.

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      has had about12 people he knew and played with in NYC die from it.

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        I don’t know anyone who knows anyone there, but I’m not surprised by this. Unfortunately.

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      The cousin of a friend and a friend of a friend have both died. I know a few people who think they’ve had it, but none confirmed. I expect that will change before long since my state and city have reopened.

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      NV Wino
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      He was a strapping 30 something, healthy guy. I’ve known him since he was a toddler. San Louis Obispo.

      Locally, with my immediate friends and acquaintances, I know of no one with symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed. Napa shut down fairly quickly and seems to have good tracking in place. As of yesterday, we had two deaths (one a police officer serving in Santa Rosa) and no new reported cases. Reported cases were holding at 79. Most cases were simply quarantined.


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        the numbers are CDC verified and cover up to May, 2, 2020, but even if you almost double them (which is in itself problematic) they are still very very low and the actual percentages in terms of the composition of the death cohorts will more than likely barely change

        Sweden has the same trend, so few younger people have died, zero under 20 years of age,

        7 deaths under 30yo,

        20 deaths total under 40,

        51 deaths under 50 years of age

        Almost 99% of the COVID-19 deaths here in Sweden have been for people 50 and older

        95% from over 60yo

        88% over 70 years of age

        the bottom HALF of Sweden (age wise) has had a grand total of 20 deaths


        USA numbers

        There are around 61 million people under 15 years of age in the US, and 10 total documented deaths in that cohort.

        Under 25 years of age (over 104 million people), 58 total documented COVID-19 deaths (48 plus 10)

        Under 35 years of age (over 150 million people) 375 total deaths (58 plus 317)

        Under 45 years of age (over 191 million people) 1171 total documented deaths (375 + 796)

        99.2% of all US CDC documented COVID deaths have come from the 35 years of age and over cohort

        97.3% of all US CDC documented COVID deaths have come from the 45 years of age and over cohort

        92.2% from the 55 years of age and over cohort


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      My son and daughter MAY have had it.  He took a cruise over Xmas to Mexico, and later was Very sick for three weeks.  He thinks he had it as he felt really bad, and then my daughter had it.  But, neither was tested, so who knows.  They are in CA.  My sister has a lot of the symptoms gastronomic wise and dizziness, falling, blood, but has been diagnosed with pernicious anemia.  She had the headaches and difficulty breathing as well.  I am so worried about her, being afraid it’s the virus.  I haven’t seen her for months now as stuck at home with my youngest son…his home.  He has been worried about the virus, especially, that I might get it.  He has autism and has extremely high anxiety.

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      two people; one a fairly close friend, the other a distant one.

      took the first nearly two months to get over it completely.

      both thought they had it but weren’t tested.

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      A girl I knew back home in West Virginia,few years older than me…she has had the virus and is now recovering.Another girl I knew in high school,she had all the symptoms,but was not tested because her fever was only 99 instead of a hundred.She too is recovering now.

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      Before testing was available, 10 people, including me.  The earliest were April and October, 2019.  The one in April works in a warehouse moving Chinese goods.  He even went for a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia because he was having trouble breathing.

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      Pneumonia cases spike at Camp Pendleton’s School of Infantry West

      Over a three day period, officials told Marine Corps Times, the SOI-W clinic treated 138 pneumonia cases, far above the average of five to eight cases a day.


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      Jim Lane
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      He and I never met in person, but we were on the same team in an ongoing online game (MMO style).  I stopped playing it a few years ago.  Last month I learned that he had died of COVID-19, at age 45 or so.

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      My sister got it. She is a cop (56 years old) and got a fever so they sent her to get tested within a couple days, and she was positive. She quarantined at home for about 2 weeks, and never felt to bad outside of slight headaches, and is fine now. She took another week off just in case, and is back on the job now.

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      Final number is 26, all tested positive. Of that, 9 were friends who were on a cruise ship that left out of Chile and finally disembarked in Ft Lauderdale around 40+ days later.

      Of the 26, only one died, but there’s a question if the C19 was the cause. She was elderly (91) and had been in and out of the hospital virtually every month for the 18 months before she died.

      I’m also one who thinks I had C19 back in mid-January. I felt like I had the flu, was tested, but it came back negative. They perscribed me tamiflu and I was laid out in bed for 3 full days, but I never get that sick, so this was unusual. But I had all the symptoms they keep listing minus the respitory issues and the diarrhea. I’d like to know for sure, but I’m past it and don’t want to take a test to find out that someone might need.

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      My brother, who works from home, went to a popular crowded restaurant back in December and came down with a horrible cough a few days later. He was the sickest he’s ever been. Shared the joy with my elderly mother who ended up hospitalized for two weeks with pneumonia. I got a mild case of whatever it was. Would not be surprised if the virus visited us. I actually had something similar a couple of years ago during a trip to a Europe. Horrible cough and wheezing for weeks that culminated in a case of hives. Hives and other rashes are turning up in coronavirus patients, too. Also have a FB friend who came down with a high fever March 1. Was sick for a month and one morning went to the ER with tightness in his chest. He was never even tested,  but strongly suspects he had it.

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      I’m 66, living in MA…103 fever, feeling like I had steel-wool in my trachea, heavy cough and shortness of breath that finally subsided in early March.
      My daughter had the cough in Jan., just before my symptoms started. My asthmatic friend, 69, also had some of the same symptoms in Feb. Without testing, we’ll never know the extent of other cases.

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      The child is young – one of the supposedly “safe” groups. In hospital now; parents are waiting for their own test results.

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      B Calm
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      morning a guy I went to school with back in the 50’s died from it over the weekend.

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        I saw a coworker for the first time since mid-March today. He was hospitalized with Covid-19 for a week that month, and then stayed home for another month. Dude’s a first generation Venezuelan immigrant in his late 50s, early 60s.

        It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

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      About 22% of us know someone who has died from COVID-19.

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