Pompeo says U.S. will help prevent Latin American protests becoming riots

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    Judi Lynn
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    DECEMBER 2, 2019 / 9:30 AM / UPDATED 2 HOURS AGO

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    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday accused Cuba and Venezuela of attempting to hijack democratic protests in Latin America, vowing that Washington would support countries trying to prevent unrest in the region from turning into riots.

    Amid recent demonstrations in a number of countries in the region, Pompeo stepped up allegations that Cuba and Venezuela had helped stir up unrest but offered few specifics to back his comments.

    Pompeo cited recent political protests in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador and said that Colombia had closed its border to Venezuela out of concern that protesters from the neighboring country would enter.

    “We in the Trump administration will continue to support countries trying to prevent Cuba and Venezuela from hijacking those protests and we’ll work with legitimate (governments) to prevent protests from morphing into riots and violence that don’t reflect the democratic will of the people,” Pompeo told an audience at the University of Louisville, in Kentucky.


    Ballet Dancers Practicing On The Streets Of Cuba (24 pics)
    Greta Jaruševičiūtė
    BoredPanda staff

    Photographer Omar Robles has over 135,000 followers on Instagram, and we’re not surprised, because his latest series of photographs documenting ballet dancers on the streets of Cuba is nothing short of majestic.

    “Their dancers are just some of the best dancers in the world,” writes Robles on his Blog. “Perhaps it is because movement and rhythm runs in their afro-caribbean blood, but most likely it is due to the Russian school of training which is part of their heritage.”

    Robles had dreamt of visiting the country for a long time, and thanks to a grant from the Bessie Foundation he was recently able to fulfil this dream. “Cubans struggle incessantly to stay afloat. Yet much like the ballet dancers, they strive with a resilience and elegance that I’ve never seen before. This is exactly why Cuban ballet dancers have always been so great and through so many generations. Endurance simply resides in their blood.”


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    Red Cloud
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    How do the jingoists hope to pull that off?

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      look at the painting on cover of this book, all the stuff the US showers down on its client states from pentothal to field telephones that can generate a wide variety of amperages and voltages for introduction into nervous systems

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    “…reflect the democratic will of the people,”

    Pompous has a skewed idea of the democratic process. I think he meant to say ‘…if it interferes with the American plans. The will of the American oligarchs’

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    What a bag of useless hot air Pompeo is.

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    Cold Mountain Trail
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    Pompeo says U.S. will help prevent Latin American protests becoming become riots

    fixed it for you

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