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    Populist Challenger STUNS in Birmingham Mayoral Election




    Tuesday night, the second domino came close to falling in Birmingham’s mayoral race. It was supposed to be an easy re-election for Birmingham mayor William Bell, a fixture of the state’s Democratic Party establishment who had been in office since 2010. In an August 1 poll taken by a local news station, Bell held a wide lead, winning support from 54 percent of respondents with 57 percent saying Bell was doing an “excellent” or “good” job.



    But Randall Woodfin, a 36-year-old former board of education president who ran an insurgent campaign promising, among other things, free community college for graduates of the city’s high schools, stunned observers by actually getting more votes than Bell on Election Day. Woodfin took 41 percent of the vote to Bell’s 37. That August 1 poll had Woodfin at just 14 percent. Woodfin and Bell will both advance to a runoff that will take place on October 3.



    Woodfin’s team knocked on 40,000 doors between February and the election, making contact with 15,000 voters (15,656 was the number who voted for him last night). He also had support from Our Revolution, the organizing group formed around the campaign list of Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign. Our Revolution president Nina Turner flew in for a rally on Saturday




    The next domino to fall could be one state east. In Atlanta, state senator and Senate Democratic Whip Vincent Fort, the highest-ranking African American official in the region who backed Bernie Sanders during his presidential run, is running in a crowded contest to be the city’s mayor.


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