Portland continues to be trashed with impunity

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      Anarchists Damage Businesses Downtown, Investigations Underway

      A group of around 100 anarchists caused substantial damage to businesses and government buildings in downtown Portland Tuesday night.

      On October 12, 2021, at about 9:00p.m., Central Precinct officers learned that a group had gathered in the area of Chapman Square Park, and some participants were blocking Southwest 3rd Avenue. Some fencing from the park was used to barricade the street. Some illegal aerial fireworks were set off, as well as graffiti to buildings. At about 10:00p.m., the group began to march. Mostly within a time span of about 10 minutes, participants broke numerous windows and bank ATMs (photos). Officers were called to respond citywide, and all but the highest priority life safety 911 calls were left to hold so officers could be dispatched. At the same time, the group began to light garbage cans and dumpsters on fire in the street.

      Investigations into the criminal behavior are underway. No arrests have been made yet. At this point the damage is believed to be in excess of $500,000, and reports are still being compiled. There were 35 separate locations that were targeted, including banks, retail stores, coffee shops, and government buildings. If anyone has information about who committed crimes, please notify crimetips@portlandoregon.gov attention: Central NRT.

      No arrests.

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      But the real question is, what are the desired long-term changes wanted by these “anarchists”?

      Another take is, the police are given a big up yours to the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. It seems like the police want a free pass for because, well, without the police, you will have to deal with these “anarchists” yourselves. Let’s see (the police are talking here) how that works out for you…

      Something really wrong here and reeks of subterfuge.

      If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit WC Fields

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      Are these “anarchists” being paid by a window replacement company? I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish, it makes no sense.



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        Nothing and everything. The basic premise of anarchy is that destroying government and institutions will create some sort of vacuum to be filled by the natural evolution of a new order. I think it would just create a huge opportunity for some authoritarian, militaristic strongman but what do I know?

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          and black block tactics are very small but highly visible part of anarchism. There’s no single ideology or utopia mutualists and ancoms are quite a different lot, as well as pacifists and militants, and indigenous anarchies don’t even know know the word, just live it in huge variety of ways.

          Pashtoun society based on Pashtunwali code is also a kind of stateless society, an anarchy, which just beat US empire after it had beaten the Soviet empire.

          Co-ops and mutual insurances of DIY-society based on p2p decentralized ledgers is not necessarily a very bad bad idea when looking for constructive alternatives for self-destructive state and class society.


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