Portland Providence Park requires vaccination for 12 and older

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      Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns FC will continue to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for fans 12 and older upon entry to games at Providence Park for the time being.


      I am disappointed, but I am not willing to take the risk with my minor daughter.

      She made it into the US without vaccination being required; I think it’s strange and silly for a stadium to require it.

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      Why is anybody still doing mandates? There is no reason for it with a vaccine that does not stop the spread.


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        They’re still bragging about getting their latest boosters and then getting Covid again or long Covid, whatever the hell that is and if it is even a thing, and their one criticism of Biden is that he hasn’t pressed ahead with mandates. Never mind that Sweden and other countries, plus Florida, now recommend against giving the vaccine to men under 50 due to the increased risk of myocarditis in otherwise healthy young men.

        Never mind that it is now clear that remote learning was an utter disaster for millions of children and had consequences that resulted in a severe national teacher shortage.

        All of that goes against the cult narrative and must be censored.

        And you’re on the West Coast, which is dominated by the Democrat cult and Covidiocy. They want to emulate China’s absurd Zero Covid policy. As far as I’m concerned, mandates are one more reason to vote against many Democrats.

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      Whether the vaccine keeps you out of the hospital is pure speculation.

      A reaction to vaccine is slightly more likely than dealing with the virus itself for all people under 40 years of age.

      Worse of it all, facts and medical knowledge about the virus is being kept from the public.

      Good luck with your personal decision.

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        Our daughter joined us for lunch, but took Lyft home rather than vaccination to attend a game.

        But it was a good game – Portland won the semifinals with a well-placed goal in added time!

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