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    In 2016, seventeen donors ponied up three-quarters of the Democratic National Convention’s funding, with many corporate sponsors (including Facebook, Bank of America, and Comcast) donating over $1 million apiece. More than a few of those donors also shelled out for the Republican National Convention, sending a clear message: whoever wins, we expect our interests to be represented going forward. Otherwise, you can kiss our money goodbye.

    Today, Bernie Sanders threw down the gauntlet on corporate sponsorship of the convention. He released a multipoint plan to get corporate money out of politics. Its very first stipulation: “As the Democratic nominee, Bernie will ban corporate contributions to the Democratic Party Convention and all related committees.”

    If Sanders is set to clinch the nomination heading into the convention, he will have increased — which is not to say total, given the forces arrayed against him — leverage over the party. His new statement indicates that he plans on using that influence to shape the nature of the convention itself, striving to create what his national policy director Josh Orton called “a people-powered convention,” instead of a spectacle literally watched over by the megarich and their lackeys.

    The DNC, for its part, is adamant that it will not return the money it has raised from lobbyists and corporate PACs, nor break its promises of exclusive access and credentials in exchange for cash. If Sanders were the frontrunner, the result would be a tug-of-war between the nominee and the establishment apparatus over the role of corporate interests at the convention. With this proposal, Sanders shows that he’s spoiling for that fight.

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