Prescription prices could push Washington state into the drug business

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      Legislation that passed the state Senate on Thursday would enable Washington to not just buy generics, but also distribute and even manufacture the cheaper drugs. To do this, the state could form partnerships with a range of organizations: other states, local governments, nonprofit organizations, for-profit insurers and medical-care providers.

      he move is part of a broader effort in dozens of states to protect consumers against price spikes, which have exceeded 10% annually for some popular drugs. The price of some insulin products — life-saving medications for people with diabetes — has increased as much as 70% in just a few years.

      Johnson marks her “diaversary” each year on April 12, the date she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 12. She pays $1,800 a year for insulin and medical supplies. That amount would be far more if not for the top-tier insurance she buys through her employer, YMCA of Greater Seattle.

      “That’s the biggest fear, dying on the floor because you’re rationing your insulin,” said Johnson. “I don’t know if people understand what it feels like to be so reliant on a medication to just live. When you look at a bottle of insulin, you’re holding your life in your hands.”

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