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  • Snort McDork (2730 posts)
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    President Carter Offers to Meet with Kim Jong Un

    “Should former President Carter be able to visit North Korea, he would like to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and discuss a peace treaty between the United States and the North and a complete denuclearization of North Korea,” Park said, “and contribute toward establishing a permanent peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.”


    Let us hope he can go and help us avoid

    Nothing statesmanship about the current WH squatter.

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  • Average Gazoo (1661 posts)
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    1. So now Trump will forbid it and give Carter a demeaning nic-name?

    Hippie Jimmy ?  Coddler Carter ?

    or Trump will Tweet:  “Get back Honky Cat. Tell Little Rocket Man that I said Saturday Night’s alright for fighting”  (?)

    I love Jimmy Carter but sadly there is no way Donny Danger is accepting this offer.

    • daleanime (2695 posts)
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      2. What? Drumpf refusing to allow anyone else in the spotlight?

      Because that’s exactly how he would see it.

      When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
      • Average Gazoo (1661 posts)
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        3. Yep. When there was speculation about Giuliani joining the Trump WH

        we knew THAT wasn’t going to happen because the Trump will not be upstaged.

        • Iwillnevergiveup (778 posts)
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          4. Ideally

          Jimmy would REPLACE tRump for the remainder of this election cycle.

          We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.     Native American Proverb
  • RealityCheck (1094 posts)
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    5. Carter Offers to Meet with Kim Jong Un

    I see no prob with it. I agree that it’s highly doubtful at this stage of the game that K J Un would change his mind, but it sure doesn’t hurt to throw a little ‘sane’ voice of reason into the mix. In fact, Jimmy would have more of a prob with spoiled brat Trump than goofy K J Un.