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    President Obama's Farewell Address

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  • Satan (1487 posts)
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    1. It's really too bad that the Barry Obama who gave these kind of speeches

    …and the Barry Obama who actually sat in the White House for the past 8 years were two totally different guys. 

    Given the choice, I’d probably take another 4 years of him over the Tangerine Terror though….. And that’s coming from somebody who didn’t even vote for him in 2012.

    Fuck the DLC, Third Way, and Emily's List. They have proven themselves to be a threat to all life on Earth.
  • Carolab (1100 posts)
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    2. Barack has a bright future being paid big $ for speechifying.

    That’s what he excels at.  PR.

    • FanBoy (7136 posts)
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      3. what a zero he turned out to be. best you can say is — nothing really

      “Better than bush jr”

      “at least there wasn’t another twin towers collapse”

      “unemployment is nearly back to normal (after 8 years)”

      “nice speeches”

      “nice family”

      • larkrake (324 posts)
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        4. you are very wrong but entitled to your opinion. Obama will be a major enemy of

        trump. He is the ONLY dem with power right now and he speaks so well and has such a priceless humor, he will reach millions of paniced voters who realize they made a big mistake with trump. Obama is going to be remembered for decades, much like Lincoln, for his upcoming fight for human rights. I suspect Michelle will not fade away, in fact will be more beloved than Barack ever will. I look forward to witnessing their support. They are finally free to say and do as they damn well please.

        • FanBoy (7136 posts)
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          5. yeah, that'll be his claim to fame, since his presidency was a neo-liberal

          war party

          shitty prez — “but he was an enemy to trump”

          if he hadn’t been such a zero as a president, trump wouldn’t be here today

          it was because he dashed all the hopes people placed in him that we have trump as the reaction

          no, he sucked, and furthermore he fucked those who placed their hopes in him — especially aa’s who are actually worse off after his presidency than they were before


        • ThouArtThat (3337 posts)
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          6. All Hat – No Cattle – As We Say In Texas


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      • Passionate Progressive (1203 posts)
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        7. Add to your list

        He can walk while he’s chewing gum.

        This became an (the most) important criteria after his predecessor.