Prince Andrew told to 'stop playing games' over Epstein inquiry

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      US lawyer representing alleged victims tells duke to ‘do the right thing’ and assist inquiry

      PA Media

      Tue 28 Jan 2020 03.18 EST

      A US lawyer has called on Prince Andrew to “stop playing games” and assist authorities with their investigation into the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking inquiry.

      Lisa Bloom, who represents five of Epstein’s alleged victims, said it was time for the Duke of York to “do the right thing” and speak with investigators in the US.

      The US attorney Geoffrey Berman said at a news conference on Monday that Andrew had provided “zero cooperation”, despite his lawyers being contacted by prosecutors and the FBI as part of the investigation.

      Bloom told BBC News on Tuesday: “It is time for anyone with information to come forward and answer questions.

      “Prince Andrew himself is accused of sexual misconduct and he also spent a great deal of time with Jeffrey Epstein. So it’s time to stop playing games and to come forward to do the right thing and answer questions.”


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      Jeffrey Epstein accusers outraged by Prince Andrew’s ‘lack of co-operation’
      17 minutes ago

      A lawyer representing women who say they were abused by Jeffrey Epstein has urged Prince Andrew to co-operate with an investigation into the financier.

      Lisa Bloom said the alleged victims were “outraged” by the Duke of York not assisting the US authorities.

      It comes after the prosecutor in charge of the US investigation said the duke had provided “zero co-operation”.

      The prince has said he did not witness or suspect any suspicious behaviour during visits to Epstein’s homes.


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      I believe that that the US authorities in this prosecution have agreed with the Palace not to demand compliance.

      Am I wrong?  If so, then any cooperation is gratis, and there’s no ground for complaint if no cooperation is forthcoming.

      The Epstein murder is an especially interesting thing, considering the stratospheric lifestyle of already known Epstein habitues.  Not just Randy Andy, that’s for sure, and not just the few political stars focused on in the tabloids.  There’s also a lot that isn’t being told, about what’s been found on tapes.  The security for Vatican’s deepest vaults of forbidden literature has nothing on the security clampdown in this Epstein case.  My guess, everyone who knows and has a mouth is already dead.

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      Andrew is probably mad because he seems to be the designated goat.    I have noticed that all we see is what Epstein DID, like supplying underage girls, we do not see who Epstein supplied those girls TO.

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      I don’t know, but doesn’t he have the “right to remain silent”?  Isn’t this the country where one is exempt from bearing witness against oneself?

      It’s just difficult for me to see how Andrew gains anything positive from cooperating.  And plenty to lose.  Considering what happened to Epstein, the people behind the whole scheme (not to mention the nature of the scheme itself) do not play nice.

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