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    Pro-Russian thoughts for today

    Here are some mistakes we would have avoided if we had had presidents who were more “pro Russian”.  It’s not about opposing our own country, just respecting our rival.  Although I expect Trump to do plenty of stupid things, I think he will avoid mistakes like:

    1980s: Reagan intervened in Afghanistan, supporting and training the Mujahideen, which later formed the Taliban and Al Qaeda, overthrowing the Russia-aligned government.

    2003: Bush invaded Iraq, costing us trillions. Sure, Saddam was a bad guy, but was it worth the price? Russia opposed the war and learned a valuable lesson about diplomatic cooperation with the USA.

    2011-2016: Obama sends vehicles and other support to the Syrian “moderate rebels”, who gave them up to ISIS when requested. Russia supports Assad, who is a bad guy but doesn’t behead Americans or invade other countries.


    “Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to ‘leak’ into the public. One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany? I win an election easily, a great ‘movement’ is verified, and crooked opponents try to belittle our victory with FAKE NEWS. A sorry state! Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA – NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING! Russia just said the unverified report paid for by political opponents is ‘A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION, UTTER NONSENSE.’ Very unfair!”

    I completely agree with Trump here.  Even if the CIA was stupid enough to believe this, they shouldn’t have leaked it.

    Uhhhhuhuhuh, I said “leaked”.

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    1. Today's Pro-Russia Thought

    Borscht.  Greatest food ever.

    Tomorrow, best Star Trek character ever.

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    2. The Devil's pro-Russia thought: Vodka!

    Joe Stalin makes some incredible stuff down here. And, since this is Hell, I even provided him with a custom cooling system for his distillery so it doesn’t blow up like a nuclear warhead over Leningrad!

    Fuck Kamala Harris. Fuck Borey Crooker. Fuck Joy Reid. And FUCK Hillary Clinton & her husband for destroying the Demoncratic Party.
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    3. My pro Russia thought: I did get up and take a piss this morning

    for what that’s worth

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      4. Extraordinary claims require extroardinary proof

      but I guess I’ll take your word for this.

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    5. ~

    I am L0oniX  Fuck David and his pin head DLC 3rd way herd of goats
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    6. Kandalaska Bay on the White Sea is beautiful under green light

    Third-way, where cheques provide no balance.