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      List Of Progressives Running For 2020 Congress(Update 10-30-19) from WayOfTheBern

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      Why is someone running against Pete DeFazio in the 4th district? Pete works his ass off for us and it shows.

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      Snort McDork
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      I have no clue. I helped get Pete elected when he ran in 88. He’s won ever since. He was a Lane County commissioner/supervisor before he ran for Congress. There was a time I thought he had drank the kool-aide, but I saw later a speech he gave on You Tube. He’s still true to his roots and constituents. He can give a barn-burner if he wants to. Eugene is a very progressive city-in addition to Portland-2 hours North. You have the U of O there and MANY student activists from there. I think the district covers some of Springfield on the other side of the Willamette river which is not so progressive. I have to say that Pete should win his seat. This is news to me he has a challenger. I’ll have to explore this further. But I am surprised after all this time in office that he has not moved up to a better position in the House. My guess is that Nancy Whatever has kept him quite. But I will look at this further and try to report back. Here is a speech he gave when the duffus was squatting in the WH. On edit, I see that he is Chairman of the House Transportation Committee/Subcommittee.

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      Great resource. Thank you.

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