Promoting intellectual laziness.

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      Florida has some spiffy new laws seeking to indoctrinate students according to the standards of American exceptionalism. I’m not sure what happened to the notion that we should encourage students to think critically, but I suspect that was just a buzzword in the first place. At least Republicans don’t try to hide their motives. “We don’t want them to think. We want them to believe.” Perhaps what they want most is to keep Florida Florida. Seems to be working so far. By the way, DeSantis has about the worst haircut I have seen on a human male.

      Florida Gov. DeSantis signs education bills that target communism, socialists (


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      for a magnet program that teaches it. At the middle school and high school level. Otherwise you get the conventional drivel. It was called the international baccalaureate program. I don’t know if they still have it.

      “…“We’re going to be pushing back on a lot of the whitewashing that’s been done.” Whitewashing Mao and Che? LOL! You can’t make this up.

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