Psaki repeats claim that Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent.

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      Q And then, broadly, can you say — you know, last week was when the administration began to, sort of, ratchet up warnings that an invasion could be imminent, it could happen at any time. This week, where — can you say how, if at all, the President’s view has changed about the risk? Is it the same? Is it getting worse? Is it getting (inaudible)?

      MS. PSAKI: I think when we said it was imminent, it remains imminent. But, again, we can’t make a prediction of what decision President Putin will make. We’re still engaged in diplomatic discussions and negotiations.

      Q So, there’s no new element in the last week that’s changed the President’s view one way or the other on (inaudible)?

      MS. PSAKI: Well, “imminent” has a pretty intense meaning. Doesn’t it?

      Q I agree. I agree.

      MS. PSAKI: Okay.

      Q And it’s still the belief that it’s imminent?

      MS. PSAKI: Correct.

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      Passionate Progressive
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      likened the ‘Russia to invade Ukraine’ hoax to  WMD’s in Iraq – repeated over and over and over ad nauseam ….until even peace / anti-war activists who didn’t want to see an Iraq invasion still believed that Saddam had WMD , etc.

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      General Disarray
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      I see this as more theater to keep all of us afraid. Be very, very afraid. They can bite me.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Her disdain for the working classes positively oozes from her. Kinda like it does from Skamala Harris.

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      I cringe when I see her at the podium because every time she opens her mouth a lie comes out. And the reporter class continues to give her a pass.

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