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  • washellofromreddit (177 posts)
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    Pushing away and forcing out independents


    That article is a bunch of ignorant trash, but it does a good job of fleshing out the prominent talking point from the bad ideas faction of the party.  Especially this quote: “It should not be a Party which can be usurped by Independents or others with no long term allegiance to it and still aren’t willing to join it.”

    I think that’s the single worst piece of shortsightedness the party suffers from right now.  Sanders brought in a ton of young voters who likely would have ignored the election otherwise, and he brought in disaffected independents and even a fair number of republicans.  Those were brand new democratic voters, and would have easily swung the election from Trump had Hillary’s campaign even tried to hold on to them.  But instead she drove a wedge early-on and then openly snubbed Sanders’ supporters once she was the nominee.  She essentially told us all that she would not bother to represent us.  That was a loud and clear signal to her supporters that it was it was open season against the new democrats, all the while screaming about unity.  Some went so far as to write this kind of shit, and were met with loud cheers from their cohorts and silence from party leaders.

    And as the above article shows, they’re still at it even after driving this election over a cliff, yet there’s nobody in the party leadership trying to put a stop to it.  Clinton herself has taken her ball and gone home, and most of the rest of the party elders are too busy yelling about Russia.  Sanders is currently the only force out there steadily pushing back at Trump and the horrifying new republican agenda, and the party doesn’t even have the damn sense to join in that effort.  He’s not trying to take over, he’s just having to be the minority all by himself since there’s nobody else willing and able.

    Here’s my plan as an independent the party doesn’t value: on a local level, third parties are viable, so I’m supporting third parties.  On a governor and national level, democrats are currently the only realistic path to opposing the republicans.  So while I’ll support democrats on that level, I’m supporting pretty much anybody and everybody who primaries those idiots.  And they’ll only get money from me if they finance their campaigns similar to Sanders: no PAC money.  I will never formally join the party unless they clear out their third-way fools.

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  • Purveyor (2622 posts)
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    1. Sounds like a requirement to join a church/cult.

    All I can say is how did it work out for y’all last time?

    • NUGrrl (178 posts)
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      8. Or an abusive relationship.

      My brother had a waitress that worked for him whose BF would visit her a couple of times each night she worked to demand she surrender her cash tips to him on the pretext that she not be allowed to use the threat of leaving him to manipulate their relationship.

      Just so no one is left hanging in a sense of angst: Yes, she is out of that relationship and is getting on with her life quite well. My brother even swore-out a trespass warrant against him to keep him from entering the restaurant.

      Yes,  I'm Progressive. Yes, I'm pro-2A. Yes, I'm the loyal opposition. Yes, that's my tattoo.
  • jwirr (4116 posts)
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    2. Can't help but LOL. They really believe this bull when they are losing members

    all the time?

    • NUGrrl (178 posts)
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      9. Maybe my abusive relationship metaphor in Post #8 is even more apt.

      Abusers never see their abhorrent behavior as the cause of their relationship woes; they just blame their partner for imagined infidelities.

      Yes,  I'm Progressive. Yes, I'm pro-2A. Yes, I'm the loyal opposition. Yes, that's my tattoo.
  • Autumn (563 posts)
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    3. They and their little fucking trolls are fools.

    Fuck them


  • hollys mom (907 posts)
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    4. the little tent philosophy.

  • oldandhappy (4093 posts)
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    5. Not sure about reality

    I would like to KNOW a few things, smile.  As in — A) how many people actually did the DemExit,  B) are there any estimates re the young people who came out for Bernie in terms of did they register and did they register Dem or Indie,  C) at this point are there any polls showing people who voted Bernie in the primaries and how to they see themselves now as in Dem or Indie,  D) is there a measurable number of Bernie people now running for anything.

    I get it re supporting new candidates and anyone who runs against the establishment.  We have a new Dem senator.  She will have to walk a tight line between the old guard and the newbies, both of which I think she understands well.  I completely agree with cleaning out the third-way.

    The DNC is still there.  And they have not and appear to not want to change.

    At one point Bernie asked people to register if they were willing to run for office and 1,700 people signed up.  Is there follow up?  Are they being encouraged?

    I guess I want to know how much of a vacuum exists under or around the DNC.  If it is a small group of fund-raisers and ego-carts. fine.  If we are the ones on the small side, I want to take that into consideration.  Where do I need to focus.

    Yep, Bernie still stumping.  Maybe the most important ‘to do’ is follow him and help as I can.

    Invest in people.  Seek TRUTH.
    • faultindicator (971 posts)
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      17. The numbers must be pretty bad,

      so bad that a release at this time would strengthen opposition to the party. No word of anything, anywhere. Another shock was how few votes Jill got; the number sounded unbelievably small.

      A reasonable request: Reduce daily TV viewing time by 1/2 hour starting now. Ask others to do the same, follow through with them, break the media habit. FI - Simple and straight forward, just like this place, solutions without the bullshit.
      • oldandhappy (4093 posts)
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        18. yes. I was startled re Green numbers

        Can’t help but feel some were rolled over to clinton but of course that is just my frustration talking.

        Invest in people.  Seek TRUTH.
  • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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    6. It should not be a Party which can be usurped by others with no allegiance.."

    IMO the democratic party was slowly taken over by pod people with no allegiance to anything the democratic party used to stand for, vampires whose only goal was to suck the party dry for blood money power.

    The pod people mimicked the old party but the imitation never quite rang true and it seems people are starting to wake up == I hope.

    • MistaP (6953 posts)
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      11. the DLC was literally funded by the Koch Brothers!

      and these smarmy elitist fuckers who see the voters as mere obstacles to their rightful rule have a lot of FUCKING nerve using the word “loyalty”

      wash out their mouths

      http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
  • morgwynn (232 posts)
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    7. The very tactics described in this article are why, after 35 yrs in the

    Party told them to kiss off. Everyday for almost a year I phone banked, canvassed, Facebanked, tweeted, for Sanders. Everyday I watched as more and more young people got involved, but also older people who had given up on the process, or those who felt there was no one worth voting for, commit to Sanders, commit to joining the Party. And not just “join”. They phone banked, and canvassed, and went to rallies and local meetings too. And they gave money…lots of money.  And I watched in horror as the Party shit all over them. The threw away a whole new generation of voters and a lot of reinvigorated old timers. As for me, I am done with Parties. I will vote how I feel is best for me and my country.

    ***Three Thrings From Which Never To Be Moved: One's Oaths, One's Gods, and The Truth***
    • oldandhappy (4093 posts)
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      19. Agree.

      I am no longer ‘party’ but am ‘issue’ oriented.

      Invest in people.  Seek TRUTH.
  • MistaP (6953 posts)
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    10. the most loyal voters are the cemeteries of Chicago and Detroit

    they ask for nothing and vote so much that they outpace the registered voters in some wards

    but despite all our “moral obligations to the dead,” we abovegrounders tend to have more pressing needs

    http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
    • artis life (111 posts)
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      13. heeee ! eom

  • artis life (111 posts)
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    12. Some say he didn't appeal to minorities

    But I was not the only nonwhite person waiting to see him in Seattle back in August. The meme of that is such bs. But then there is an agenda being pushed.


    I am an Xer who used to be a dye in the wool Dem, but they have lost me, probably forever. I will vote for one who acts like a progressive and that’s it.

    • area woman (5460 posts)
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      15. This line of attack against Bernie was/is just as dangerous and despicable

      as Trump’s rhetoric.

      I'm so cute I shit kittens.
  • area woman (5460 posts)
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    14. The Democratic party is the Scientology of politics.

    I'm so cute I shit kittens.
    • artis life (111 posts)
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      16. LOL! Yup eom

  • U4ikLefty (354 posts)
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    20. We are not part of the Borg.

    We refuse to be assimilated.

    Proud to be a spoiled brat