Putin takes 3 1/2 hours of questions

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      Here’s the Reuters perspective at https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/russia-hits-ukraine-homes-evacuates-kherson-warns-escalation-2022-10-24/ .

      Oct 27 (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin showed no regrets on Thursday over his war in Ukraine, insisting that the “special military operation” was still achieving its goals and the West’s dominance over world affairs was coming to an end.

      Asked if there had been any disappointments in the past year, Putin answered simply: “No”, though he also said he always thinks about Russia’s losses in Ukraine.

      When the event’s host referred obliquely to public concern about whether the operation was still “going according to plan” as Russian officials have maintained since the outset, Putin said its aims had not changed.

      Russia was fighting to protect the people of the Donbas, he said, referring to two of the four Ukrainian provinces he proclaimed annexed last month. Economic sanctions had already had their worst impact and would ultimately make Russia stronger by making its industry more independent, he said.

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      Wait until there was a mushroom cloud over Moscow?   We’ve seen how much credibility the West has…..this is more and more looking like the West’s planning  was in the works long ago.

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