Queen to be booted as head of state in Jamaica as nation ‘formally commences’ separation

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      Marlene Malahoo Forte QC, who leads the country’s Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, told the Kingston parliament the process would be completed in “stages” before the next election in 2025. The separation process will involve several steps including a vote in the House and Senate of the Jamaican parliament and a referendum by the people.

      Ms Malahoo Forte said: “The goal is to ultimately produce a new Constitution of Jamaica, enacted by the Parliament of Jamaica, to inter alia, establish the Republic of Jamaica as a parliamentary republic, replacing the constitutional monarchy, and affirming our self-determination and cultural heritage.

      “I am pleased to advise this honourable House that the work to achieve this goal, while being done in stages, has formally commenced.”

      Pointing to the recent transition of Barbados to a republic, the constitution minister said the world was waiting to see which Caribbean nation will make a move next.


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