Just Curious: How Sure are We About Iowa Turn-out Numbers?

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      We’ve been told turn-out was weaker than expected.  High turn-out might have benefitted Bernie, in two ways – it would bring him additional supporters, and also prove his campaign premise that he can win because of his ability to fire up new voters.  So the Dem establishment would have had every incentive to do whatever they could both to depress actual turn-out and to underreport it.

      So… how sure are we that the reported turn-out numbers are accurate?

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      I was thinking the same thing.

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      It’s the new narrative. Along with spouting “State Delegates” instead of “Highest vote totals.” That’s done for smarmy slimy weasel boy Guaidó.

      They’re probably planning on taking Bernie’s win away and the excuse is – low turnout worked in Guaidó’s favor. Using Bernie’s talking point he said at EVERY RALLY, against him…”If turnout is low, we will lose. If turnout is high, we will win.”

      Bernie himself should have those numbers though. I don’t know for sure. But first round votes should equal voter turnout.

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      Come on… I’m never sure.

      Fact that they don’t even care when they get some Randos doing the coin-flip in areas where Sanders is ahead by more than a half, awarding Butti the delegates were on video, just shows me how f-ed up the process is.

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      Bernie had people in all the caucuses so they have a pretty good idea about that. It is depressing because I don’t think he can win without increasing turnout. I am hoping that Iowa is an anomaly because it is less diverse than average.  But still a big let down given that we had a great ground game there.  I want to see the breakdown on the different demographic groups and their participation.   Did the voting by under forty and Latino  populations increase?  I have long believed that we could bring in a large increase in mew voters and that Bernie out preformed the polling.  Didn’t really happen.  We are Berners but it appears that our message is not getting through.

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      We heard reports from some YouTubers that they changed caucus site locations at the last minute in some places.

      Perhaps that helped to depress the vote.

      It’s interesting to me how they have been able to report how low turnout was in exact numbers since day one but were unable to count results.

      The whole thing was rigged.

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      If only the post office had delivered the articles of impeachment to the Senate on the day the House passed them, instead of waiting a whole week, Bernie would have had several days to stage major rallies to get out the vote.

      Either that, or if the House hadn’t seen it as an existential requirement to rush the impeachment, as Trump couldn’t be allowed even an extra day in office. Then Iowa, and probably New Hampshire as well, could have seen uninterrupted appearance by Sanders, and he’d have had two amazing back to back victories.

      Two very unfortunate coincidences, three if you count the Shadow software.

      From a company so unabashedly vile that they hired the villain from True Grit (1969), the murderer of Mattie’s father, to head it. 🙂



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