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      99th Monkey
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      If Sanders comes to Convention with a strong plurality (but not quite a majority) of pledged delegates, would Warren (for example) be able to “give” Sanders her delegates by throwing her support to him? Would that be allowable under the rules of the convention as they now stand?

      My wild guess is no, but I cannot help wondering and wanting to know for sure whether that is a possibility or not.

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      NV Wino
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      They may or may not choose to do so.

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      game meat
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      Well, she has said she does not believe a plurality is enough, so there’s no reason to think Warren has any intention to help Sanders. But assuming she did:

      The pledged delegates are not freed until the second ballot when the supers also come into play, making this useless anyway.

      However, theoretically, there is one way she could give Sanders her delegates so he has them on the first ballot in order to have a majority (assuming he’s close enough and they put him over the magic number).

      You’ve probably noticed that when a candidate drops out, they never do so officially, instead they “suspend” their campaign. One of the reasons they do this is so their pledged delegates get to go to the convention. For instance, if Warren were to withdraw from the race rather than suspend her campaign, then her delegates would be released at that time. It’s technically possible she could work out a deal where they go to Sanders. I’ve seen some sources claim they automatically go to the front runner which would make it easier, while other sources say they are freed and can do whatever they want.

      Either way, yes it is possible, but I’d wager the odds of her doing that are pretty much zero.

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      there will be a great deal of horse trading. This is why the candidates with little chance of winning will stay in  as long as possible, trying to amass as many delegates as possible to accumulate as many delegates as possible to use as bargaining chips.  If Warren had enough delegates combined with Bernie to give him the nomination, she would be in position to demand that he give her the VP slot in exchange for her delegates.

      We must do everything we can to assure Bernie of a  clear majority of delegates before the convention.

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        99th Monkey
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        @ wilsonbooks

        that we need to do everything to insure that Bernie gets a majority of delegates on first ballot, however my post is wanting to see past that, to the eventuality of Bernie only having a plurality, and wanting to know .. “what then?”

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      In a brokered convention, I’m pretty confident that Warren would throw her support behind Bernie if it came to that.   I’m equally confident that Bernie would do the same if the situation were reversed.

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      99th Monkey
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      Very helpful info

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      He has a great shot at winning if he can build a solid coalition. We need to be working to unite with those who can help him get the nomination.

      Warren and her supporters are the most likely allies to provide that kind of support in any large and meaningful way….

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      My prediction:

      Political scientists will calculate the worst case long term damage to the Democratic Party if Bernie, with significant larger plurality, is denied the nomination. They will conclude that oligarchy with at least a strong foothold within the party, especially at the state and legislative branches, is much too valuable to risk with marginalizing and angering about 35% of the Democratic base. They would also calculate the risk of a rival progressive party gaining significant stature as well.

      After concluding the risk is too high, the heavy weights will be called in (Obama, Pelosi) to corral the delegate support to get Bernie nominated. The party will then join forces with the Republican Senate and defeat President Sanders agenda at every opportunity, openly criticise him, and work to make him a one term President. Following that, the long term mantra will be that “Extremists” like Bernie cannot advance unrealistic legislation and that politicians like Bernie are lying to the base by promising things that cannot be delivered. This will finally make progressive voters realize that a top to bottom cleansing of the party is required and instead of focusing on the Presidency, Bernie’s army will be working to change every level of government similar to how the Tea Party performed in 2010.

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        Cold Mountain Trail
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        That seems a realistic scenario, but if its realistic I’d guess bernie & co have thought of it & would have a plan to counter in his first term; specifically by mobilizing his base in a way that obama never mobilized his

        because a term of bernie thwarted + a term of another do-nothing r-leaning centrist is nearly another decade of inaction and death.

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      with Bernie, twice.  In any event, if the situation was reversed, and Bernie threw his support behind Warren or ANY of the others, my days of voting for a Democrat are over, unless a progressive in Florida miraculously evades the DWS alligator pit.  People would squawk “Bernie says” like a fucking insane parrot, and I would not vote for any of the others.  Austerity and war.

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