Quit Saying That Bernie Sanders Can't Win – He May Be the Most Electable Democrat Running in 2020

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      Before contacting these people, I identified five hypothetical arguments suggesting that Sanders is the most electable candidate. He has rebounded a bit in the polls since recovering from his recent heart attack, and is currently at or near the top in both Iowa and New Hampshire. His supporters are enthusiastic and will vote for him no matter what, which could lead to higher turnout for him in both the primary and general elections. Voters may care less about ideology than character, which could give Sanders an edge if he is perceived as compassionate and sincere in contrast to the opportunistic and shallow Trump.

      If Trump shifted the Overton Window (that is, the frame of what is considered acceptable in mainstream political debate) in 2016, it’s entirely conceivable that Sanders could do it again. For that matter, Sanders’ ideas aren’t even that radical in the first place; they’re basically an updated version of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, which got him elected four times.

      Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Sanders has consistently led Trump in head-to-head polling in battleground states, and thus has a plausible Electoral College strategy. As a resident of one such state, Pennsylvania, I encounter this daily, at least on an anecdotal level.

      “Conventional wisdom routinely fails to grasp the simmering anger that’s fueled by extreme income inequality,” journalist Norman Solomon, co-founder and national coordinator of RootsAction.org and a Sanders delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, told Salon by email. He was making what one could call the “populist wave” argument:

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      I hope no one on this site is saying that Bernie can’t win.  Only Vichy Democrats and MSM propagandists say that.

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      Ugh. Some real scumbags quoted in this one. Progressive Policy Institute(Clintonite). That arrogant SOB with his 13 keys who says policy positions and the candidates themselves don’t matter. The surprising thing is that even they are now saying Sanders can win. Something to be said about covering one’s own future credibility, I suppose.

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      Sad but true: Trump was elected over Hillary because of his character. Trump is nearly the most untrustworthy politician in American history, if not for Hillary Clinton winning that title.

      For that reason alone, Bernie Sanders will kick Trump’s ass.

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