Rachel Maddow has gone around the bend. Why are they putting this sick individual on the air? Ratings?

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      Any story anywhere that mentions Russia is all part of the plot between Putin, the evil, and Donald the not so secret Russian agent. I could not post enough of the story to give it context as I assume the four paragraph rule still applies. To see the absurdity of this one you have to read the whole thing.

      –big snip–

      “They have not been pursuing this guy for this, it’s U.S. prosecutors who are pursuing him and it’s U.S. prosecutors who are saying he did it and that — that may be an important clue as to what’s really going on here and the overall importance of this case,” Maddow explained.

      “On its face, this is a riveting, lurid crime story which has been a real focus for local news in North Carolina for weeks now, for all sorts of obvious reasons,” she explained. “The condo with no furniture in it — stashed full of guns and ammo and money — and the hitman and bribe for the deportation and the hiding of the gun with the obliterated serial number under a bush at the car wash and the mansion and expensive cars.”

      Maddow explained Yevgeny Prigozhin’s connection to the case — and the alleged fraud. Prigozhin is known as “Putin’s Chef” for the oligarch’s closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

      Then Maddow brought it all together by explaining the connection of Prigozhin’s efforts to undermine the special counsel investigations.

      –You can get the rest of this preposterous story and a video at–


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      and what to believe, every news cast, talking head, expert, chosen news story, commercial. Maddow is a good soldier who also happens to get paid well to promote the global elites’ agenda of turning us into a mass of weak, mindless, spineless. thoughtless,  and unquestioning consumers.

      As long as it fits the globalization narrative it will make the news and you will get only one side of the story.

      Tune in again tomorrow for your next fix of faux outrage.

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      Garbage pundits in, garbage pundits out. Ratings equals money.

      Forcing people to work without pay is akin to slavery.

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      fun of Fox noise viewers. Rachael makes them look like kid-angels with their vile and racist tendencies. Mostare hillbots tat also hate millennial more than anything else. If fox noise viewers had an IQ of 10 then Rachael madcow viewers have an IQ of negative 20. Other gems from Madcow

      ~Bush signed NAFTA

      ~Trumps tax return


      Then again the LEFT is dead so having a zombie coopt the putrid carcass is not a big deal’

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      TV news is now heavily polarized. They serve up confirmation bias by the hour.  Maddow has a loyal audience who tunes in daily to hear her say that Trump is going down, this time for sure…

      It is relatively cheap to produce a show like hers because you can pre-write next week’s stuff. Re-run old footage. Just take any story that mentions “russia” or vodka or beef stroganoff, add an alleged tie to anyone who ever spoke of Trump, might have voted for Trump, knows who Trump is …and BINGO! another hour of “Bombshell!”

      Be the Change

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