Ray McGovern: Russiagate’s Last Gasp

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      On Friday The New York Times featured a report based on anonymous intelligence officials that the Russians were paying bounties to have U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan with President Donald Trump refusing to do anything about it.  The flurry of Establishment media reporting that ensued provides further proof, if such were needed, that the erstwhile “paper of record” has earned a new moniker — Gray Lady of easy virtue.

      Over the weekend, the Times’ dubious allegations grabbed headlines across all media that are likely to remain indelible in the minds of credulous Americans — which seems to have been the main objective. To keep the pot boiling this morning, The New York Times’ David Leonhardt’s daily web piece, “The Morning” calls prominent attention to a banal article by a Heather Cox Richardson, described as a historian at Boston College, adding specific charges to the general indictment of Trump by showing “how the Trump administration has continued to treat Russia favorably.” The following is from Richardson’s newsletter on Friday:

      — “On April 1 a Russian plane brought ventilators and other medical supplies to the United States … a propaganda coup for Russia;

      — “On April 25 Trump raised eyebrows by issuing a joint statement with Russian President Vladimir Putin commemorating the 75th anniversary of the historic meeting between American and Soviet troops on the bridge of the Elbe River in Germany that signaled the final defeat of the Nazis;

      — “On May 3, Trump called Putin and talked for an hour and a half, a discussion Trump called ‘very positive’;

      — “On May 21, the U.S. sent a humanitarian aid package worth $5.6 million to Moscow to help fight coronavirus there.  The shipment included 50 ventilators, with another 150 promised for the next week; …

      — “On June 15, news broke that Trump has ordered the removal of 9,500 troops from Germany, where they support NATO against Russian aggression. …”

      Historian Richardson added:

      “All of these friendly overtures to Russia were alarming enough when all we knew was that Russia attacked the 2016 U.S. election and is doing so again in 2020.  But it is far worse that those overtures took place when the administration knew that Russia had actively targeted American soldiers. … this bad news apparently prompted worried intelligence officials to give up their hope that the administration would respond to the crisis, and instead to leak the story to two major newspapers.”


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      I fully expect any Biden/Rice, Harris, the bogeyman administration to ramp up this foolish shit. The Vichy dems SO wanted shillary in the White House in ’16. So she could stir the pot some more in Ukraine where we orchestrated a coup. Had the bitch won, we’d have troops aplenty in Ukraine now, and more missiles in Poland. I guess the bottom line is we will dominate the world. Case closed. One way or another. 

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      “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee
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      ..that crap again,and all the older people who watch a lot of TV are salivating like Pavlov’s dogs.They’re children again,and Mommy Crophead is telling them a new scary bedtime story.

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      Like your neighbor’s barking dog, I don’t think this is ever gonna stop.

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      If McGovern thinks that Barr and Durham will bring

      this idiocy to an end he still has illusions. Both are part

      of the corruption in the US institutions and will not or

      may not dare to bring any evidence besmirching them.











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      @gzeush Barking dogs? Antifreeze cures that every time. Fortunately, I live in a city that actually enforces barking dog ordinances. Call the cops enough and they’ll either remove the dog or shoot it, depending on how bad a day they’ve had, so the antifreeze option is no longer considered.

      I never did that myself, but I did live in places(Texas and Colorado) where that did happen.

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      There seems to be an endless supply of gasps when it comes to Russiagate or demonizing Putin.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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