Reactors on the moon.

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      NASA is looking for a fission reactor they can operate on the moon. It will be fine as long as they can have technicians there 24/7/365. A reactor requires periodic adjustment and maintenance. In theory, they could build a reactor capable of being monitored and operated by remote control, but this would be hugely expensive and somebody would have to drop in once in a while to adjust and maintain the remore controls.

      Ignoring decades of disaster films, NASA wants to put a nuclear plant on the Moon (

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      A much better place for the 400 or so that are sitting on the surface of the Earth, waiting to melt down.

      If it was up to me, I would send them all to Selene for her safekeeping.

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      Sheesh, ain’t we lernd anything?

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        Solar might be a decent alternative, though!

        But as one who watched the moon landings as a kid, I am delighted that we may finally be considering a moon colony – even if it took 50 years.

        If you compare the advances in computers and telephones to space travel, well, maybe space travel has made it to 1975 😉

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      Oh wait… my Former Employer already did that. Maybe if He sold the rights to the Big Energy companies, they would take it seriously as a source of energy?

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