Refugee resettlement and experimental/theoretical ideas.

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      David the Gnome
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      One of the largest problems facing the globe today is the millions of people displaced from their homes.  In addition to the millions who have none.  I have been thinking about a possible project for socioeconomic experimentation – upon success it could be implemented on a wider scale.

      Only a volunteer group of those wishing to engage, between refugees, the homeless and project members.  The ultimate purpose of the experiment would be to see if, on a small scale, we can right many of society’s wrongs and injustices – and provide a level of socioeconomic equality previously unknown.  Also, sustainability in the long-term.

      To begin with – a certain acreage (to be determined by overall project size) of land that will be declared “neutral” ground.  That is, no Nationality, no religion, no primary language required and so on and so forth.  The land to use would have to be fertile for the growth of various crops – and large in size (proportionate to population) to provide more than enough space for homes, businesses, centers for education and so on and so forth.

      On a small scale, it could be simply regulated.  Project managers would include individuals with high expertise in organic farming, constructers (carpenters, masons, etc.), physicians and educators.  Primarily, the sort of people you need to get a new, modern settlement going.  Energy usage could be limited to renewable/green energy.  Automobiles and such would be limited to the same.  This would provide limits on power availability, consumption, carbon emission and so on.

      I am thinking of apprenticeships for these various fields of expertise.  The volunteer project members – both those responsible for manage and oversight – and the general resettling populace, to begin with, would be required to build from the ground up.  Supplies such as adequate food, medical care, etc. would be provided in measures that cover and surpass expert suggestions of what is necessary.  Temporary housing meeting community guidelines could be offered, but should be limited to encourage overall population engagement in construction and development of community.

      As far as who can take part – I am thinking a body like the UN or something similar.  Every Nation wishing to take part must contribute equally in terms of finance and expertise.  Non-aggression pacts to be signed by all who participate.  Oversight should include a board of international diplomats, with international, general consensus.

      I’ve got a million different ideas for this – but I’m thinking about a community that would be – not a utopia – but the best humanity is currently capable of.  A project that would encourage and give hope to the best and brightest of us.  More than a project really – a blueprint for how to solve many of our society’s largest problems.

      Understand, these are just ideas and theories, I’m not an expert or anything – but I think this would be a great thing to do.  We could severely limit project organizers, volunteers and so on to be vetted as to integrity, overall decency, diplomatic ability and so on and so forth.  Early on, I’ve got a couple pages of notes with general ideas for this, but as my knowledge of settlement building is limited, I wonder what others could contribute.

      A security force, international, could be vetted to the extent that they surpass even the legendary untouchables.  A bill of rights could be determined to provide freedom of and from religion, but also its free practice in homes and places of worship.  A general tax (income, goods, etc.) of 20% across the board, supplemented if necessary (the hope would be a self sustaining community) by member Nations.

      Could something like this be done?  Would the Nations of the world have an interest?  Could we convince benevolent people of wealth to engage?  What of expert doctors, instructors, constructors and so on?  Give them a task to build an ideal (to the extent possible) settlement and organized community, in which there is focused on provision, personal freedom, healthcare, education (and so on) for all.  A settlement in which we could try doing things the right way, just to see what the hell happens.

      I know this could be easily abused or destroyed – but surely many Nations would be interested in making the attempt?  If successful, it could lead to greater cooperation between Nations, perhaps, even, in time… peace.

      I’d be grateful for any thoughts and ideas, criticisms and so on.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Sounds like the Planet of Galactic Peace in Star Trek V, the one where the Klingon ship blasts Jehovah. That planet didn’t work out too well, and I see similar problems here. For starters, what country or countries would be willing to give up their land to these refugees?

      It’s a noble idea, but whichever nation proposes it would have to be the first one to be willing to do that. But which one? Canada? Maybe. Russia? Not likely. The USA? Forgeddaboutit. China? No way. Sorry, but I don’t see it. I’d love to be proven wrong.

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