Regeneration of Abandoned Farmland Can Mitigate Climate Change, Study Finds

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      “Unless countries and policymakers develop better regulations and incentives to allow these lands to recover, this chance to restore ecosystems will not be fully realized,” said Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs Christopher Crawford, who was lead author of the study, as The Hill reported. “It will remain a missed opportunity to fight climate change and biodiversity loss.”

      The possibility for environmental benefits from the abandonment of former farmland is dependent not only on how much is abandoned, but how long it remains uncultivated, explained the Princeton press release.

      The researchers found that, after keeping track of the abandonment and recultivation of cropland at 11 sites over four continents by using yearly land-cover maps put together using satellite imagery from 1987 to 2017, much of the land ended up being recultivated within 14.22 years, a period of time not long enough to allow the former cropland to become a haven for a significant amount of wildlife or for it to capture a considerable amount of carbon.

      Locations included those abandoned for various reasons — including socioeconomic and environmental factors, as well as conflict and war — in Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the United States and Russia.

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      to mega dairy farms there are a lot of 5, 10, 20 acre fields that are too small for the larger farm machinery necessary to harvest for the large dairy herds.  These fields used to be good enough to supply feed for animals on the smaller farms and would be good for growing many different crops once the brush was cleared from them.  These fields must number in the thousands of acres.  For an example, I have no doubt that the North Country of New York, using these fallow fields, could supply the potatoes necessary to supply most of New York State.

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