Report Shows How DC Statehood Would Be Step Toward Racial and Gender Justice

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      Republicans who oppose D.C. statehood have suggested the district is too small to qualify as its own congressional district, let alone a state—despite the fact that its population is larger than that of every district in Maine, New Hampshire, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Rhode Island, and of two states: Wyoming and Vermont, which have two of the highest percentages of white residents in the country.

      “Now the members of the Senate must stand up for the principle of equal representation that is a core tenet of our union,” added Meyers. “It is time to end the disenfranchisement, and to place those who live in the nation’s capital on equal footing with the rest of the nation by voting for D.C. statehood.”

      Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.)—who represents the district in the U.S. House and introduced the Washington, D.C. Admission Act (H.R. 51) but can’t vote on final legislation—noted at the hearing that momentum is building across the nation for D.C. statehood.

      “D.C. statehood now has 54% support nationwide, according to a recent detailed poll, and I expect that support to grow even more after the Senate hearing, as it has after the House hearings,” Holmes Norton said. “As only the second Senate hearing ever on the D.C. statehood bill, today is historic.”

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      Yesterday I saw an article with a politician telling them they should not be a state because no one forces them to live there. That politician is an absolute idiot. No one forces any of us to live in their state.


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      This is going to help with racial or gender justice.  Is the argument that by gaining statehood they would then support and enable more progressive legislation in that regard?  We have heard such things before.  Very recently in fact…

      Yet most of those promises have already been broken.  While I don’t have a real opinion regarding their actual statehood, I think it is just statehood and not necessarily a boon for any kind of justice.

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      As a descendant of an artilleryman in Washington’s army, I have a problem with that. I’m for DC statehood on that basis alone. That’s reason enough. Racial and gender equality has nothing to do with it. That’s just a culture war issue played up by the oligarchy.

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