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  • Babel 17 (5345 posts)

    Reports of Widespread Voter Suppression in New York State Democratic Primary


    Colin Kalmbacher
    2 days ago

    On the day New York State Democrats select their party’s standard-bearers for the upcoming midterm elections, voters are reporting numerous forms of procedural roadblocks, incorrect voting information and disenfranchisement that many suggest rise to the level of voter suppression.

    In a series of tweets beginning mid-morning on Thursday, New York Magazine author Rebecca Traister detailed her own purge from Democratic Party voter rolls–despite the fact that she’s voted from the same address for the past four years. Traister noted that she wasn’t the only one experiencing such issues:

    Traister’s thread continued–and taking stock of the same thing happening to a friend of hers. She wrote, “Also! My next door neighbor, registered for years as a Dem, an RHA activist, extremely politically engaged, especially in local and state elections this season, is also not on the rolls at our polling place. She’s on her way to get a court order as we speak.”

    Soon, other New York State voters began chiming in with similar stories.

    Imo, a big part of the takeaway here derives from this happening in New York, and on the heels of the massive purging of the voter rolls in Brooklyn we witnessed in connection with the primary voting featuring Bernie Sanders running against Hillary Clinton.

    The most Democratic of states, with a Democratic Governor, and its biggest city having a Democratic mayor, and they seem utterly unmotivated to stop this from happening.

    There is now no claim to be had for moral outrage by Democrats when it happens in purple states, and it hurts progressives (as if many of them would actually be all that upset). People like Tim Canova getting shafted by the system when he runs against Debbie Wasserman Schultz has become normalized. This is the big deal here. In the most Democratic of states, Democrats idly stand by while people see that their votes just don’t matter, as long as the entrenched establishment is thriving.

    Only when Clinton lost did our votes seem to matter very, very, much.

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6 replies
  • daleanime (3607 posts)

    1. It's a great way for them, the 'democratic leadership', to show…..

    exactly how little we matter to them.

    When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
  • Two way street (4284 posts)

    2. There is a conference on election integrity on Sept 17, 2018 in Hollywood, FL

    Tim Canova will be one of the speakers. Every state must prepare for honest election.

    snip…How Voter Suppression and Election Fraud Are Undermining Our Elections and What You Can Do About It
    Featuring voting rights leaders from around the country who recognize the dangers Florida is facing in the midterm elections.

  • djean111 (7958 posts)

    3. Oh, didn't you hear? It is FUCKING OKAY!!!! because Nixon is new to politics.

    And would not have won anyway, amiright? What the fuck.

    I guess the Democratic Party**** is just practicin’ up for the 2018 primaries, eh?

    If Bernie gets fucked over, if the DNC/Democratic Party anoints a DINO – there is literally no devil so silver-tongued that it could convince me to vote Democrat.

    • *Obligatory disclaimer - when I say "Democratic Party" I mean the DNC - the Clintons and the un-elected people and the consultants and the lobbyists and the corporations who actually run things.  The people who work and vote and are registered as "D" are no more the actual party than Trekkies are Star Trek.   Extra credit - the Democratic Party gets to actually fuck up your life. When you vote for it.
    You think the only reason that people won't vote for a warmongering Third Way fracking-enabling cluster bomb throwing H-1B increasing lying pandering corporate and Wall Street shill who says she has no problem putting abortion rights on the table is because we are mad about Bernie?  Um, nope.
  • sadoldgirl (3002 posts)

    4. Well what does anyone expect? Since they did not get punished

    after the 120,000 election fraud, why not repeat it?

    It is almost like the system in the Catholic Church:
    “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”
    “You are forgiven, son, just don’t do it again.”
    Now the sinner has another week to star all over again.

  • mick063 (2532 posts)

    5. Ever hear of the Mayor Richard Daley political machine?

    There was a term named after his regime….”machine politics”

    Cuomo has taken a page from that book. A machine so powerful that Democrats could transparently caucus with Republicans with impunity.

    That was, of course, before Bernie’s message inspired a new crop of candidates like AOC. It would take relentless effort over several years to dismantle such a machine, but there is a recent start.

    "I welcome their hatred"    Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • doh1304 (1104 posts)

    6. All the Democrats need is Facebook

    by analyzing posting data the Democrats can tell who to disenfranchise. What they are forgetting is that this strategy applies to whoever controls the secrety of state’s offfice, and most secretaries of state are Republican.